Council Reaches Consensus on Park Name

Santa Monica City Council votes on a new and "unfamiliar" name for Palisades Garden Walk. It's a nod to the area's oldest inhabitants.

Rejecting the weird and the unoriginal, the City Council picked a new name for Santa Monica's newest park Tuesday night: Tongva Park, after the first inhabitants of Los Angeles.

Tongva Park replaces placeholder name Palisades Garden Walk for the 6-acre park that will connect Main Street to Palisades Park. It is one of two parks under construction in the city's civic area, and when it opens this fall, will feature native plants, play areas for children and hills with ocean views.

The name "will be a spectacular learning opportunity," said councilwoman Gleam Davis. "It is an unfamiliar word."

Councilman Bob Holbrook cast the dissenting vote, which was 4-1, saying "I’ve lived here over 70 years and never heard the name." He said he preferred a "simple" name, like The Commons or Central Park, "but all the great park names have already been used."

There are 500,000 Native Americans who live in Los Angeles, Wendy Teeter, the Fowler Museum's curator of archaeology and a Venice resident, told the council.

But "we have a hard time getting people to understand the history of Los Angeles," she said.

When it last discussed a new name in October, the council was unable to reach a consensus. It asked for the community's input, but that didn't help much—there was no clear favorite and some of the suggestions were pretty weird ("Spaceship Adventure Park" and "Planetarium of Eden," for example).

POLL: Help Rename Palisades Garden Walk

Santa Monica resident Paulina Sahagun told the council in the fall that naming the new green space Tongva Park would lead to "teachable moments." She said teachers could tell students, "this is where the original people of this land stood."

"We need to set a precedent," she said. "Too much development has happened and we forget [the history.]"

This isn't Santa Monica's first homage to the Tongva.

Moomat Ahiko, a street that runs below the Santa Monica Pier, connecting Ocean Avenue to Appian Way, is a Tongva word that means "breath of the ocean," said Davis.

Nearby at Loyola Marymount University, there's a Tongva memorial featuring bowls, pottery shards and stone hunting tools.

The Tongva, "meaning People of the Earth," were later called the Gabrielino.

The Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians disavows Tongva as the original name of the Indians associated with the San Gabriel Mission. They believe Kizh is the proper name.

More than half a dozen speakers at Tuesday night's meeting urged the council to choose Tongva.

Correction: This article was updated at 3:15 p.m. to correct a statement by Wendy Teeter on the number of Native Americans living in Los Angeles.

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Dan Charney February 13, 2013 at 10:34 PM
Toga and high strapped sandals ready light the torches- surf's up!!!
Stephanie Speights February 13, 2013 at 10:43 PM
Bravo city council...bravo.
Bravo One February 13, 2013 at 11:06 PM
Just some corrections, The Tongva are not merely "the first inhabitants" as so mechanically put. They are still here and this is Still their Home regardless of whoevers flag flys high in the sky. Also, there are millions of Native-Indigenous people in LA, they just happen to be lost in the Latino misnomer. Names may not be important to those of the privileged class, but to those who still seek basic acknowledgments and respect of their existence from ill behaved an uninvited foreigners, it means so much. Thanks to those sincere folks who understand the importance of and have some respect for the decision. ahau.
andy salas February 13, 2013 at 11:19 PM
It brings the true Native descendants of the first indigenous people of the entire Los Angeles Basin, Kizh (kitc) Nation "People of Willow Brush houses" great sadness and sorrow that such a community with rich history and strong culture such as Santa Monica would agree to name a park a name like "tongva" which has No real historical significance. Research would have distinguished truth from falsehood. If not corrected we run the risk of deceiving and indoctrinating the true essence of our history and future generation. Tribal Chairman of the Gabrieleño band of Mission Indians Kizh(kitc)Nation Andrew Tautimez Salas (kitc village of TAMET). Please click on the link to read the "true history " of the Native indigenous people of the Los Angeles Basin. http://www.misionvieja.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-kizhgabrieleno-people-and-mision.html?m=1
WTeeter February 13, 2013 at 11:25 PM
Thank you for a very nice recap of last night's events. One slight error that I hope you can correct. I actually said there are 500,000 Native Americans that live in Los Angeles due in part to relocation policies of the 50s-70s. This and our wonderful diversity can make it more difficult to recognize the true indigenous people of LA. I am so happy at the Council's decision and look forward to working with the community to build a wonderful park that connects the history of the past to the present living. Best wishes, Wendy Teeter, Curator of Archaeology, Fowler Museum at UCLA
andy salas February 13, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Those pushing the name tongva admit here in their own words " There was No such tribe called tongva" http://www.digmagonline.com/mobile/features/is-csulb-really-on-an-indian-burial-ground-1.2151022
andy salas February 14, 2013 at 12:10 AM
Angie Dorame Burhns and the Dorame family who claim to be Gabrieleno and ļ have distroyed the history and true culture of the Gabrieleno for their own proper gain . This is why it was so important for the imposters to give the park a name with No true meaning. A family with No true Native Gabrieleno History or decedantcy , Now a park with No true historical meaning. Please read the following link http://gabrielenoindians.org/Site/DORAME_FRAUD.html
Bravo One February 14, 2013 at 01:16 AM
No imposters here. Real Natives working for Positive & Progressive creations for our land & future generations. Emotional comments and Personal Attacks on people's name and character should be properly investigated before believing words at face value. Make no mistake, with all due respect to those that prefer the name Kich, it is understood that most the descendants of the Original People of LA Basin in the reclamation of their History & Culture refer to themselves as Tongva.
Cabeza de Vaca Cultura February 14, 2013 at 01:26 AM
I have always been proud of My Indian/ Native/ Indigenous Roots. Last night witnessing the City Council of Santa Monica do the Right thing & recognize The O.G. People of S.M. The Tongva- I am so proud of S.M. Council today!!
Douglas Fay February 14, 2013 at 05:32 AM
Thank you members of the SM City Council. Now if we could just get you to understand that healing the bay means utilizing it as a resource for food, not a never ending source of income for Mark Gold and his brain dead followers that actually think he's a decent person. He's a sham and I'll publicly expose the facts/debate this valid statement anytime/anywhere.
andy salas February 14, 2013 at 05:59 AM
WIKIPEDIA The name tongva become increasingly preferred as a self-designation since the 1990s, although either " Gabrieleño " or "Gabrielino" used in every official name. The Gabrieleno / Tongva Tribal council of San Gabriel on their website give a translation of tongva as "People of the earth", although there is NO independent evidence for this. Click on the link and then click on" Name" http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tongva_people#section_1
Jill February 14, 2013 at 06:59 AM
I don't care what you name it, this is a park for tourists and city employees. I can't imagine catching two buses from East Santa Monica to visit any park one mile away. Please if you have any sand, plants, concrete left over from Tongva park can you drop them off at the sorry PARK at Pico and Cloverfield?.
andy salas February 16, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Notice After the completion of the Book " The First Angelenos" William McCawley in this article never mentions "Tongva". If you read the book you will see that this word was "revived" in the mid 1990's. http://articles.latimes.com/1996-10-24/news/ls-57009_1_california-history
andy salas February 16, 2013 at 08:48 PM
Notice After the completion of the Book " The First Angelenos" William McCawley in this Los Angeles Time article never mentions "Tongva". If you read the book you will see that this word was "revived" in the mid 1990's. http://articles.latimes.com/1996-10-24/news/ls-57009_1_california-history
Matt Lovio March 15, 2014 at 02:24 AM
This is for Andy Salas I'm primarily addressing the public, my name is "SkyEagle". And I'm a member of the "Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians". We are the historically recognized and certified tribe of California, as well as the California Indian Heritage Commission. All of the newly formed groups, including the Kizh- are the traitors, plain & simple! We of the Gabrieleno Tongva have and want nothing to do with them! You see, Andy Salas, or as he's more commonly known as in the Indian community, "Bud Bundy" is a world class idiot!!!! Bud Bundy and the rest of his Kizh thugs know we are the legit tribe and there frauds! That's our best guess as to why we're always the target of their petty and relentless attacks. Which shows their true crass and ignorant nature. That's why you see the jackass bitching non-stop about them not getting their way as usual. I'm aiming this towards you the public, because I'm tired of trying to educate Bud Bundy! But to be fair, since his head is so far up his ass, how can he learn anything new. So here's where the "Regidores" ( Tongva for "Traitors" ) are proven wrong. They are partially right to a degree. You see, my ancestors weren't always called the Tongva; : 19,000 years ago, my ancestors were called the "Pwii'Pwi". After one of the mountain ranges of the San Gabriel mountains; : Several thousand years later, they started calling themselves "The Takic People". The Takic were also directly responsible for the structuring of the Tongva language; : And then flash forward today, we call ourselves the Tongva. So..... why do the Kizh insist on their idiot theory of why we're not called Tongva? Well, how about I use their own findings & conclusions to support the truth. The traitors ( as well as us ) recently found out from one of the most noted anthropologist of the time, "Mirriam C. Hart". That he did discover the name Tongva from 1903. From this discovery, it's clearly evident that the name Tongva isn't some recent invention. And if it was discovered from that era, one can conclude that obviously the name Tongva would be even older. And not a recent moniker utilized in the 90's like the traitors would like you to believe!!! Oh!! Just to clarify about legitimacy, here's a question I ask the Kizh. You always question and accuse us of being fraudulent to the public. But why is it that over a few years ago, you jerks use to call yourselves the "Shoshone Gabrielino"?! And now- you call yourselves the Kizh?! And you have the audacity if not nerve to question our integrity?! The park is called "Tongva Park", the tribal nation is called Tongva!!! GET USE TO IT!!!! SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians 'Pride, Honor & Survivors'
Johnny Begood March 15, 2014 at 07:28 AM
Attention: SkyEagle, “Over nineteen thousand years ago, my ancestors called themselves the “Piwiip’Pwii”. After one of the San Gabriel mountains( or mountain range ).
Several thousand years later, they started calling themselves “The Takic People”. The Takic were directly responsible for the uniformity and structuring of my ancestral language.
: And finally, thousands of years later, we are called the Tongva”. Quoted from SkyEagle’s 02/25/14 posting on the Urban Toot blog. In another one of your postings you had suggested for the readers of this blog to do the research so I am going to take you up on your suggestion. Can you provide more references to your ancestral history in regards to the above paragraph’s ancestral names? I am finding it hard to understand how the ancestral names were documented beginning over 19,000 years ago. Also, ancestors of Native Americans had not even entered the Americas until 15,000 years ago according to the latest research. Here is the article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2569469/Mystery-Native-Americans-missing-10-000-years-solved.html
Matt Lovio March 23, 2014 at 04:16 AM
This is for Johnny Begood I'll try to make this as quick & concise as possible since my last blog wasn't shown. To Mr. Johnny Begood, here are the answers to your previous questions; : Like all scientific study & discerning, the number one method of being able to study a culture is with 'Radio Carbon dating'. Or just plain carbon dating for short; : And I'm also well aware of the 'Ice bridge theory' of the ancient Bering strait. However, I don't prescribe to that. But rather keep an open mind by adhering to the possibility that there was always life here on the North American continent; : And finally your question/comment about Native Americans not appearing on the continent until fifteen thousand years ago? You are aware that Native American tribal nations of the Pacific Northwest have been recorded from over thirty- five thousand years ago? And as far as my ancestors go, there has been life dated in Ranch la Brea as far back as 6000 BC. Also on the Catalina islands of San Nicolas, or it's true Tongva name of "Kekeinpar". There was an ancient maritime culture recorded at 6210 BC and on San Clemente, or "Xaramot". Going back even further at 7785 BC. I'd say if my ancestors can be dated and recorded back from so long ago, is it not plausible. Or believable that they go back even further?! Anyway, thank you sir for responding to my blog. I hope I've been able to answer any or all of your questions. Teh'Hoveet ( Tongva for "Thank you" ) SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians 'Pride, Honor, & Survivors'
Matt Lovio March 26, 2014 at 07:21 PM
This is for Johnny Begood I'm writing again in response to your blog you wrote to me some time back. This is more of an observation rather than a question. You need not worry about responding to it. From your blog, you quoted: "I am finding it hard to understand how the ancestral names were documented beginning over 19,000 years ago"? Well sir, as mentioned previously from last blog to you. Carbon dating is the best, if not primary way of cataloging and recording anthropological information. And if this is so, why is it than from several thousand years ago. You can believe historical information about ancient cultures such as the "Roman Empire- the Assyrians- Babylonians- Phoenicians and even the Sumeraians who predate them all! Why is it sir that you don't question the methods of how that information was procured and recorded? But yet you have doubts about how Native American history was procured and catalogued?! No accusations- no innuendos, no calls of double standards. Just curious, that's all. SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians Ehkwashim- We are still here
Matt Lovio March 28, 2014 at 02:00 AM
To Andy Salas This next question is aimed towards Andy Salas, aka "Bud Bundy". Don't worry Bud Bundy, once again you need not have to worry about responding. You see, I'm aiming this little query of mine towards the public. I'm just curious, with all of those incessant websites you and the rest of your flunkies keep leaving behind after one of your many rants. From the many books you and your brethren claim you extracted various pieces of information ( not the the truth ). I have an audacious proposal..... instead of leaving your little tid- bits of information, why don't you leave the names of the supposed ancient tomes you claimed to gain all of your information. I mean, I don't think it's too audacious to ask? Prove to us where you got all of this information Bud Bundy. Simple. SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians
Matt Lovio March 28, 2014 at 03:11 AM
This is now aimed towards the public I perfectly understand and personally believe that everyone across the face of the planet, regardless of race or nationality. Has the right to say what he or she wants, when they want, plain & simple. However..... I also believe there's a time & place for those supposed opinions you give out. Especially if no one asks for your opinion, be prepared to get another one right back at you. And here's where I give out my opinion. This a just a little comment of mine aimed towards one of the traitors of the Salas/Kizh group: to Andy Salas, aka "Bud Bundy". You've got to piss & moan how you and the rest of your thug group members didn't get your way! Well that's just too damn bad!! You see Bud Bundy, whether you and the rest of your mutant family members like it or not, the name of my tribe is called "Tongva". Tongva translated means "People of the Earth". You see Bud Bundy, you and the rest of your thug brethren keep bitchin' about there's no such thing as the name Tongva! Or when you do accept our name, you then claim that it was revived in the nineties. Well then, if it was revived, logic would dictate that the name Tongva was already in existence. Therefore Bud Bundy, like it or not. The name of the park has and will always be Tongva! The name of my ancestors has and will always be Tongva!!! Like it or not! SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians
Lorraine Escobar March 28, 2014 at 01:22 PM
In response to recent blog entries regarding the Tongva vs. Kizh (kitc) debate to describe the Gabrieleno Indians: There really is no way to settle the argument as long as credibility continues to be attributed to frauds. I noted in an earlier comment where Cindi Alvitre was cited as an authority on the matter of the terminology for “Tongva.” I have done her genealogy – she is not California Indian, at all. Her lineages have been proven to originate, mostly from Mexico, and from the Netherlands. Chairman Salas has published this report for anyone to read. There are two other such discovered frauds with complete reports you can read about in his website as well. I have found that there were so many people who claim to be Indian but are finding they are not. They were misled by paperwork done in 1928, a time when hard evidence was not required. Now that genealogy has much better access to hard evidence, the truth is coming out little by little. Andy’s group is descended from the Gabrieleno Indians and he can prove it. His tribe has every right to correct the inaccuracies long perpetuated about his people. Those who cannot prove themselves should be careful to make sure they, too, have the right to talk lest the truth prove them wrong. The world of proof and having to deliver good proof is changing. The Office of Federal Acknowledgement (a federal agency) does not recognize the 1928 Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA] paperwork (for California) as proof that anyone is Indian, and for good reason. Even though the BIA (another federal agency) still uses that data, a day of change is soon coming and they’ll have to revamp their whole process of issuing certificates of degree of Indian blood. As it is, anyone can submit a lineage report with evidence to the BIA and things can change overnight. It is just a matter of time before every agency is on the same page about demanding and expecting better proof – especially when the frauds continue to take liberties with rights that do not belong to them. I know there are those who don’t believe they need the government to say they are Indians – honestly, that is a strong indicator this person does not have proof he/she is truly native. So, for those who have taken the time and trouble to investigate their lineages, and who have the hard evidence that shows they have the right, I stand behind them to speak their minds and control their own history. The table of rights for authentic Native American Indians is far too small to allow imposters. Lorraine Escobar, Certified Genealogist, Native American Lineages
Matt Lovio April 03, 2014 at 08:13 AM
This is for Lori Escobar I feel that before I begin, that I must first apologize to the public who reads the various comments here on this site. The reason why I didn't immediately retort on this site was because this past weekend, my internet was down. But now I'm back and believe you and me, I've got something to say! Again in case you are unaware of me, my name is "SkyEagle" of the "Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians". We are the only known and historically recognized tribe of Los Angeles & surrounding areas. I've been known Ms. Escobar to preface most, if not all of my blogs in that particular manner & format. Why do you ask, it's very simple, because of the sub- human brethren that you ( for some Godforsaken reason ) choose to associate with: the Salas/Kizh! I'm just trying to follow up on the words you phrased and used in your previous blog. Actually if you think about it Ms. Escobar, there really is no debate whatsoever. You see, since our tribe has been fully certified by not only the California Indian Heritage Commission. But also by the state of California itself, there is no debate. The reason why you continue to rally on the subject is due to the fact that you are not impartial in this matter! In fact, your biased because of your infatuation with the Salas's! Any and all other groups who oppose us are traitors, plain & simple! And from another ignorant remark you made previously, about the BIA not having legitimate findings from 1928? By your logic, the findings and legitimacy that validate and prove us right and your traitor group wrong?! Would also make whatever so- called findings that you supposedly have made in recent years would also be inaccurate! But of course, I suppose that you and chairman Salas and those idiotic websites that the Salas/Kizh are notoriously known for doing! Oh, they'll probably prove us wrong and you and the rest of you mutants right, yeah?! Think again, andy salas, aka "Bud Bundy" like you and your so called findings are not only slanderous but calumnious! How can you call yourself a genealogist when clearly, your not?! And it's not just petty accusation, but fact that I bring up. You have I believe in the past worked for other California tribal nations? And that your work was less than satisfactory was an understatement, it was completely inept! I believe Rudy Ortega of the Tataviam would concur with me of your work you did for him! SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians 'Pride, Honor & Survivors'
Lorraine Escobar April 03, 2014 at 03:09 PM
Denial is a luxury that many will soon no longer be able to afford. The facts are what they are. I do not need to defend my work or my decisions to anyone. Lastly, Mr. Lovio, you are not the first, nor will you be the last, to attempt to bully me from speaking the truth or standing by it.
Matt Lovio April 04, 2014 at 03:33 PM
To Lorraine Escobar, I'll have to make this retort brief, due to the fact that mysteriously & inconveniently, my last blog to you didn't go through. For starters, thank you for responding to my blog. And second, with all due respect, your idiot! Ms. Escobar, what part of certified & recognized by the state that you don't understand?! Denial Ms. Escobar?! Really, denial, is that what you and the rest of your brethren keep saying when you don't get your way- DENIAL?! You are right Ms. Escobar, I wasn't there with you and Rudy Ortega of the Tataviam. Maybe it's nothing but here say by a disgruntled customer. Or maybe there's something to it huh? When your work is wrong, what do you expect to do?! Tell your clients that they misinterpreted your information and read it wrong?! Talk about denial! And last but not least, let's talk about the term "Bullying" shall we? You have a lot of nerve of using that abhorrent word with me!!! I know the true meaning of bullying, the hard way!!! You see Ms. Escobar, in my childhood, I was the constant fodder & prey for the neighborhood and ever popular schoolyard bully! And the one thing you have in common with your thug brethren Ms. Escobar, is that you just like the Salas herd, are bullies as well! Not the other way around! Tell me Ms. Escobar, if the people in your life that cherished and loved the most was the constant target for attack! Would you not fight to protect them?! We did not instigate this petty manner, you and your thug brethren did! We realize that's why the Salas/Kizh, petty and no class whatsoever, always are threatening and intimidating us! As well as they're other victims ( just ask the San Gabriel Police Department for their record ). No Ms. Escobar, you are the predator here, not me! And you have every right to hold on to any theory you believe to be true ( no matter how idiotically wrong it may be ). But the facts are in, for you to continually refute the truth is not only unprofessional, but utterly immature- plain & simple! Shame on you and all of the Salas/Kizh Ms. Escobar! Shame on you! SkyEagle sings with his Heart Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians Ehkwashim: Tongva for "We are still here"
Matt Lovio April 05, 2014 at 02:03 AM
This is for Glenn E Grab Meyiha ( Tongva for "Hello" ), I am called "SkyEagle", and I'm a member of the Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians. The very same park that you commented on over a year ago was named after my ancestors, the Tongva. Although you are perfectly free in your right to give any opinion you like. I'm a firm believer in 'thinking before you talk'. And what you said earlier was not only disgustingly ignorant! But downright petty- juvenile and immature to say the least!! Not for random idiots to give their moronic two- cents! And to even joke about such a sub human excuse of a man, let alone human being is not funny in any way shape or form! What's next, you wanna rename the street "Pablo Escobar" while your at it?! It's very simple sir..... please think before you speak!
Matt Lovio April 05, 2014 at 03:07 AM
To MarcoPolo I'd like to first thank you for your given comment. I'd also like to apologize for responding to your blog over a year later. But better late than never, right? Anyway, let's get to the point shall we? You are correct sir, although the name "Tongva" may seem strange & weird to you. That name is not to I and the rest of my people! In fact, that name was the first moniker to be used to identify the people and nation of this part of the continent. While European nation were still in their infancy! I'm pretty sure that the name "Marco Polo" is not your real name. Or if you are of Italian descent and ancestry. I'm sure your aware that the name "SkyEagle" is not my birth name either. It's the name I earned at one of our naming ceremonies years ago. And just like my earned name sir, is why the name to this park is so important to us today! So much has been inflicted upon us, and taken as well by foreign European powers. And to make matters worse, we even have traitor factions as well!!! Feculent, dishonorable excuses for Native Americans, let alone human beings!!! And in many ways, no different than the Spanish invaders who tried to conquer us! Anyway sir, please try to understand that why this name means so much to us. Whenever we are recognized and acknowledged, we are given what you and others of foreign cultural descent take for granted- respect. SkyEagle sings with his Heart Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians 'Pride, Honor & Survivors'
Matt Lovio April 07, 2014 at 05:59 AM
To Ding Gullberry I'm writing in regards to you about your blog that you wrote. It's interesting what wrote about, ignoring the past- forging to the future. Although the names you suggested were rather..... somewhat interesting ( in a very weird way ). I'm afraid that I'll have to disagree with you. There's no way anyone should go for the name; "Robot City Playground" ( I mean seriously )!!! And although the moniker "Cloud Park" has an American Indian type of connotation and reference. I also disagree with that name as well. The reason why I disagree with you sir is because of this. If you would read my last reference to the gentlemen above, you would see the primary reason why. But because not only it mean so much to my people, but to educate the populace as well. According to the last census for the Gabrieleno Tongva, if were lucky, there's maybe- maybe two thousand Tongva left today! Twenty five hundred tops- pretty sad huh?! There are numerous foreign cultures from throughout the world here in the City of Los Angeles ( or the village of "Ya'ang'nga in Tongva ), and immediate surrounding areas. And that's what makes this part of the country so unique. However there's an old saying that my people, the Tongva have. It goes like this..... "Learn from the past, to create the future". SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians 'Pride, Honor & Survivors'
Matt Lovio April 08, 2014 at 03:26 PM
To Dan Charney With all due respect, what the hell are you talking about?! And more importantly, just what does that ridiculous banter have to do with Tongva park..... hello?!
Matt Lovio April 15, 2014 at 06:30 AM
To Glenn E. Grab Not to impugn or besmirch you sir, but with all due respect. That last comment about you critiquing this politician named "Gleam Davis"? Even I have to admit, that's one unusual name. But you of all people are questioning his name with a name like Glenn E. Grab?! Seriously?! SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva San Gabriel band of Mission Indians
Matt Lovio April 20, 2014 at 11:28 PM
This comment is for the young woman named Jill Meyiha ( Tongva for "Hello" ), my name is SkyEagle sings with his Heart. I'm a member of the "Gabrieleno Tongva nation, in other words, the first indigenous people of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. I have read your blog and can perfectly understand, if not feel the frustration within it! I and my family recently moved from Pasadena back to my hometown of San Gabriel. And what I mean by that is this, I'm not a close resident of the village of "Sa'ang'nga" ( modern day town of 'Santa Monica' ). I can only imagine the pain of having to traverse to a distant public park when there should be a park closer to where you reside, I get that! And yes, I also get the fact that Tongva park is for the residents of Santa Monica. But what you consider insignificant, means so much to the first people of Los Angeles ( or "Ya'ang'nga" in Tongva ). This park is not just there to kick back and rest your feet, if you think about it. It's also to educate the populace about my ancestors. Until then, Hoot- too'Karesh ( Tongva for "See you later" ). SkyEagle Gabrieleno Tongva Pride, Honor & Survivors


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