How to Help Manhattan Beach's Shark Victim with His Medical Bills

Steven Robles doesn't have health insurance, says his open-water swim teammates. So they set up a fund to raise money for him.

Steven Robles being transferred to an ambulance after being bitten by a shark Saturday in Manhattan Beach. Photo credit: Eric Hartman, for Patch.
Steven Robles being transferred to an ambulance after being bitten by a shark Saturday in Manhattan Beach. Photo credit: Eric Hartman, for Patch.
Swimming friends of shark victim Steven Robles are coming to his aid, hoping to raise money for his medical bills after surviving a scary encounter with an agitated, hooked-on-a-fishing line, juvenile shark Sunday in Manhattan Beach.

Robles is part of a group of long distance swimmers who like to swim the two miles between the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach piers, according to the Sponsor My Swim website.

Sponsor My Swim is a crowd-funding platform for aquatic athletes, but Robles' buddies are using it to help raise money for his medical expenses. Robles does not have health insurance and the bills are steep, according to the fundraising page.

So far, $1,960 of the needed $40,000 has been pledged.

Robles was swimming Saturday morning with his team when get got in the path of a juvenile shark, reportedly a great white, who had been fighting a fisherman's hook and line for at least a half-hour, according to reports. Fishing from the pier is now banned until Sept. 7

"Even with an obvious shark encounter and blood in the water, Robles’s teammates from [Southern California Aquatics] performed admirably," says the fundraising website. "They quickly came to his rescue. They were clearly thinking of their teammate; they put their friend first and foremost in their minds. They pulled him to shore after the traumatic Great White Shark attack in one of the most popular beaches of Southern California.

The page also goes into some detail about their disdain for the fishermen who would put their friend's life in jeopardy, but add that most of the time, the relationship between open-water swimmers and pier fishermen is respectful.

To help Robles with his medical expenses, go here.

See Patch's full coverage, including the story that broke the news first:
ManBchMom July 08, 2014 at 08:43 PM
I feel terrible for the victim of the shark bite. I think some one should have notified the lifeguards so they could have warned swimmers away from the area. The shark was supposedly on the line for up to 45 minutes so there was certainly time to clear the water and prevent this tragic attack. But, no medical insurance? Really? Previous articles say the victim is a 40 yr old realtor. Why would he not have insurance? Especially now with Obamacare and Covered California! Isn't he now required by law to have insurance?
Richard July 09, 2014 at 08:30 AM
Thank you Obama!
Richard Clifford July 10, 2014 at 10:40 AM
The reports are that last year this same swimmer did a 13 hour swim from Catalina to Trump National Golf Course. He said later that it was a swim from Hell. The important point, however, is that as a consequence of the swim he suffered hypothermia and possibly a mild heart attack for which he was hospitalized. Did he have insurance then? He is wearing a wedding ring in some photos. So, can we guess that his spouse also lacks insurance? And,, many reports identify him as a 50 yo, not a 40 yo. There is a lack of information but one would think that this person is avoiding getting insurance. From my POV that is a very foolish base for a person who is an active OW swimmer.
Cathy Smith July 18, 2014 at 03:08 AM
No Steve has no insurance for him and his wife he's too cheap, I know him


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