Town Square Construction Started Tuesday

Town Square is a 1-acre site directly in front of City Hall, across Main Street from Palisades Garden Walk.

Chain linked fences and detour signs were erected Tuesday at , where construction is about to begin on a new 1-acre park.

Called Town Square, the new park will boast a water feature and winding pathways for pedestrians. Just across the street, construction is already underway at Palisades Garden Walk, a new six-acre park north of Olympic Drive and east of Ocean Avenue.


Work on Town Square will be completed in four phases. The first phase includes demolition and grading.

Also during the first phase, the flag pole in front of City Hall will be removed and reinstalled in April 2013. Bike lockers to the north of City Hall will be removed and those on the south side of City Hall will be temporarily relocated.

A temporary pedestrian pathway will be in place on the east side of Main Street because of the sidewalk's closure. Another pedestrian pathway will run north from the sidewalk on Olympic Drive to the front door of City Hall until late February 2013, when the majority of Phase I improvements will be completed. The only exception is the water feature area, which will remain closed until April 2013.

Throughout construction, the parking lot on the north side of City Hall, front door, and north entrance to City Hall will be accessible. Pedestrian and bike lanes might be closed intermittently.

All four phases of construction on Town Square and improvements to Main Street are scheduled to be completed by July 2013. Construction will take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.


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