Video: Patch Takes a Ride on the Expo Line Saturday Morning

Patch rode the rails Saturday morning to talk to passengers about their experience aboard the Expo Light Rail during the free opening weekend. Be sure to upload your pictures, videos and comments here, if you took the train this weekend.

Patch Editor Jared Morgan hopped on the Expo Light Rail on Saturday morning, video in hand, to capture both the ride and the opinions of locals taking advantage of the free weekend travel courtesy of Metro, from downtown to the La Cienega/Jefferson station.

By this summer the train should head right into Culver City and Phase II will continue all the way to Santa Monica by 2016.

Click here to read about this weekend's free rides and festivities and see photos from Friday's opening dedication ceremony.

Did you ride the light rail this weekend? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below and upload your photos and videos here. We'd love to see them!

Gina Ebert Levy May 01, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Too bad the bicyclist had no helmet. Guess he feels his brains aren't worth protecting. I was hit on the Santa Monica bikepath by other bicyclists, it CAN and does happen. Everyone should ALWAYS wear a helmet.
leftylimbo May 02, 2012 at 07:06 AM
Hopped on the Expo on Sunday afternoon with my kid for a great, quiet ride downtown. Perfect route and perfect stop at the Natural History Museum and Discovery Science Center, where eventually they'll have the Space Shuttle on display! Perfect train ride for Culver City families. Interestingly, I think with all the hype, balloons and Metro personnel in matching t-shirts, many people (including myself) were expecting bright and shiny new trains to pull into the station. Though not in the worst condition, the graffiti-etched windows we peered through were grim reminders that no matter how new and groundbreaking a public transpo line is, it's still as vulnerable to society's vandals and pollution as everything else is.
Susan R May 02, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Neighbors are upset over the noise from the trains on the new Expo train line. I heard a radio interview where a resident complained. Then a MTA representative was asked about the neighbor’s noise complaint and said, “they will get used to it” and ” nothing can be done about it. What a disrespectful, mean, non-caring animal. I would not even call that someone a person. How low can the MTA go when they do not care about the neighbors. I wish I knew who that MTA person was so I could call and give them a peace of my mind. And, yes, something can be done about it. When the Gold Line opened, there was the same train noise problem with the loud bells and whistles and train noise. After neighbors complained and complained, finally the noise from the bells were lowered. That man from the MTA should be fired. Neighbor’s have the right to peace and quiet in their homes
Patrick Meighan May 07, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Having now ridden the Expo Line a few times between downtown L.A. and La Cienega/Jefferson, I have to say that as nice as it is, I'm a bit disappointed in the not-infrequent-enough red traffic lights the Expo Line gets caught by. Each trip between the Expo Line's two terminuses seems to catch (and waits at) 3 or 4 (or more!) red traffic lights... and not just at major intersections (like Crenshaw or Western... both of which are busy enough to've deserved non-grade crossings), but at relatively-minor intersections as well. These delays seriously eat into the Expo Line's travel speed and efficiency. By contrast, the Gold Line to Pasadena travels a significantly greater distance without nearly as many traffic-crossing delays. And it makes a real difference. My recent weekend trip the 7-mile length of the Expo Line took 35 minutes, which is almost exactly the same amount of time it then took for me to ride the Gold Line from Union Station to the Lake Avenue stop... a length of 12.4 miles (or 77% longer than the Expo Line distance)! My hope is that these are hiccups associated with the Expo Line's newness and that traffic light synchronization and prioritization will alleviate these problems. But my fear is that the Expo Line's general pokiness and the frequency with which it's caught by red traffic lights will significantly hinder its attractiveness as an automotive-alternative Westside passengers.
Pam Richardson May 19, 2013 at 11:25 PM
The expo is nice. If you want some action ride the 733/33 I was riding after the Venice Arts Festival. Several people were spitting on passengers a elderly lady cane was taken from her, she then got off. Two male Spanish were beaten by the African American high school students, who came from Compton High School to quote the students "Now you are about to have Compton come into your Venice Beach Community We are going to "F" it up when the train comes. For once I can honestly say having to use a wheelchair on the bus I was not the target of abuse or assults


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