Barbie Takes Up Residence At Santa Monica Place

Barbie Moves in To Santa Monica Place Otis School of Design and Mattel have partnered to create Barbie’s Housewarming Party and it will be on display now through Jan. 29.

Barbie moves into Santa Monica Place. Credit: Otis School of Design
Barbie moves into Santa Monica Place. Credit: Otis School of Design

Otis School of Design and Mattel have partnered to celebrate Barbie as she renovates her new home.

Entitled “Barbie’s Housewarming Party,” five students from five different creative disciplines at Otis will have their work on view through Jan. 29 at Santa Monica Place.

Barbie's Housewarming Party will feature work by students including:

·       Fabulous swimsuits and cover-ups (Fashion Design);

·       Chic interior accents and furnishings (Product Design);

·       One-of-a-kind paintings (Fine Arts);

·       State-of-the-art fitness center (Toy Design); and

·       Short films about Barbie's influence and impact on art and design (Liberal Arts and Sciences)


"Otis students have collaborated with some of the most well-known designers and artists," said Rosemary Brantley, chair of Otis' Fashion Design program.  "Barbie was the perfect mentor. She's sophisticated, a world-traveler, and the ultimate fashionista." Rod Beattie. America's premier swimsuit designer also lent his expertise to the project.

Natasha Carovska, a first-year student said  of Barbie, "... We find that she is teaching the young girls of the future to grow up and follow your dreams. Barbie was really a breakthrough. An African American Barbie doll emerged in 1968 when the civil rights movement was happening. In 1965 she was an astronaut, the same year the US was pushing space exploration, and in 2000 Barbie was a presidential candidate. Barbie has had every single career under her pink belt as if to say, 'Hey, yeah. I'm a girl. I can do anything and in heels, too!'" 

The exhibition is located at Santa Monica Place, 395 Santa Monica Blvd., Level 2 near Nordstrom.


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