G2 Gallery Presents Poetry of Ice

Ira Meyer is just one of five exhibits at the G2 Gallery.

Ira Meyer's photography show "Poetry of Ice" is currently on display at G2 Gallery, just in time for chilly skies over Southern California. The exhibit features massive ice castles and the surrounding arctic wildlife in some of Antarctica's hard-to-find places. It will make Venice's "wintry" weather seems warm.

The exhibit highlights the ice formations of a very still Antarctica. The photographs are crystal-clear images, which perfectly balance the bright white snow with the contrasting blue of the water. Meyer also captures local wildlife in several playful action shots.

Meyer was a business owner and competing cyclist until a near-fatal cycling accident in 1986, which influenced his decision to turn towards a life of photography. Since then, Meyer's work has been published in the likes of National Geographic and has earned him runner-up to the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

"Poetry of Ice" will continue on display at G2 Gallery through Sunday, Nov. 20. 


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