Bauerfeind Wants to Be 'Epicenter' for Athletes

Clinical Director Andrew Pritikin says the new center is a one-stop center for sports-performance needs.

"" is a Santa Monica Patch series that spotlights new businesses in our city. In the latest edition, we focus on the , a retail/service concept store that opened in late July.

We interviewed the center's clinical director, Andrew Pritikin, DPT. He talked about how it intends to be a one-stop center for sports-performance needs, to treat everyday athletes as if they were professionals, and be a "flagship store" for sports-oriented retail centers.

Santa Monica Patch: Why did you decide to open your business in Santa Monica in particular?

Andrew Pritikin: We carefully chose Santa Monica because of the people. The residents of Santa Monica and the surrounding area in Southern California are health-conscious, active and always on the forefront of the active pursuit of healthy living.

Patch: Please provide a brief history of your business.

Pritikin: Bauerfeind is an 80-year-old German company operating in 18 countries around the world. We have normally worked through orthopedic surgeons, elite teams and universities. We wanted to open up a center for all of the other athletes out there, of every level, who are active and feeling the aches and pains associated with sports. We wanted to provide the everyday athlete, the weekend warrior, the same level of professional-grade products and services we offer to the professional and Olympic athletes.

Patch: What makes your business unique?

Pritikin: At the Bauerfeind Performance Center, we are the only place where the athlete can be assessed by a doctor of physical therapy and receive a much higher level of expertise and assistance than at any other retail store. We have made it the one-stop center for all of the sports-performance needs, whether that be a knee support, bio-mechanical analysis, physical therapy and high-level sports accessories that all have a bio-mechanical basis and of only the highest quality. We do not only provide supports for the injured area, but we also have performance packages that allow us to find out why the injury has occurred in the first place, so the athlete can raise their potential of their sport.

Patch: What contribution(s) do you believe your business will make to the city?

Pritikin: The Bauerfeind Performance Center is the epicenter and flagship store for the future of sports-oriented retail centers. It has drawn in people from all over Southern California to Santa Monica to see what we are about. We are already in a pilot program with the city of Santa Monica to help with their drivers and low back pain. We are here to help the community feel better and get stronger.

Patch: Why should Santa Monicans frequent your business?

Pritikin: We support the community by participating in charity events that promote healthy living and lifestyles in young children. We frequently give presentations to high-school-level kids who want to learn about athletics and sports injury. We teach them how to live healthy and active lifestyles while enjoying the incredible environment we live in. We want to give Santa Monicans the highest level of service anywhere!

Do you plan to check out the Bauerfeind Performance Center? Tell us in the comments box below.

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Kenny Ooi June 20, 2013 at 03:12 PM
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