Electric Vehicles Parade Down Main St.: See Pics

National Plug in Day is celebrated with a parade of almost 200 electric cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles.

Nearly 200 electric vehicles participated in an eye-catching and ear-friendly parade down Main Street in Santa Monica on Sunday morning. The parade, which was one of many National Plug in Day celebrations held across the country on Sunday, was believed to be the largest ever of its kind. Santa Monica City Councilman and eVgo executive , U.S. Representative Janice Hahn, and actors Ed Begley Jr. and Fabio were among the participants.

Onlookers along Main Street, many of whom were baffled by the unconventional parade, ogled at the cadre of eco-friendly cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles as they passed by. Beyond some of the more stylish vehicles in the pack—a Batman-themed car called "The Batt Mobile," a feline-friendly vehicle and a sci-fi-looking electric Hummer—the parade of vehicles was distinguished by its quietness and lack of fumes.

The parade was organized by nonprofit advocacy groups Plug in America and the Electric Auto Association, along with environmental group the Sierra Club. All three organizations received certificates from a representative for State Senator Fran Pavley during a press conference held in front of prior to the parade.

Hahn, Begley Jr. and Chris Paine, director of the documentaries Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car, were among those who spoke during the conference. Fabio, who appeared in a public-service announcement for Plug in America, was also in attendance. (Watch Fabio talk about electric cars in the video clip located just below the photos above.)

Beginning at 10 a.m., the vehicles, in rows of two, departed from City Hall and headed south on Main Street. Look above to see photos from the parade.


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