Following Albertsons, Pavilions Closes in West L.A.

"Our Wilshire Pavilions simply did not meet expectations and we have decided to permanently cease operations," says company spokesman.

The Pavilions on Wilshire Boulevard and Stoner Avenue in West Los Angeles has gone out of business, and the company is directing its customers to the Santa Monica store on Seventh Street and Broadway.

It closed just about a month after Albertsons—located a few blocks west on Wilshire at Franklin Street—lost its lease to Bristol Farms.

There's no word yet what will replace the Pavilions.

"We have performance standards established for all of our locations," company spokesman Carlos Illingworth said Tuesday. "Our Wilshire Pavilions simply did not meet expectations and we have decided to permanently cease operations."

Glenn M March 13, 2013 at 12:42 AM
This location was incredibly slow. Sometimes during the day, 1 cashier would be open with no customers. It needed to be updated but not as badly as the nearby Vons on Santa Monica & Barrington. That location is supposed to be torn down and become a Pavilions but I've been told it is still on the back burner. Maybe this will move it up. I'm surprised the closed with the Albertsons closing down the street. This is the second Pavilions in the area to close, the other being in the Westside Pavilion and is now a Macy's Furniture Store. The Pavilions location used to be a Ralphs (former Market Basket) way back when before the high rise in front was built along with this store. Hopefully it will remain a supermarket. It does have plenty of parking above ground and below the store.
Jim West LA March 14, 2013 at 06:04 PM
their stock of foods was terrible, service worse, and store dirty. Ralph's totally renovated their Wilshire/Bundy store, and their store at Olympic/Barrington. The only thing worthwhile about the Pavilions Wilshire store was the Wells Fargo ATM in the lobby.
David April 16, 2013 at 06:21 AM
The reason why this location failed is because the clientele in this area prefer to shop at Ralphs or Whole Foods, spend the extra few bucks because they can, and have a grocery store with real produce and a real meat counter. There's no way Vons Pavillions could compete with the Bundy Ralphs. If you want cheap pasta you could always go to ghetto Vons anyway. This location should be replaced by a Gelsons. It's too big for Trader Joes, and there is already one on Olympic. Gelsons is poorly represented on the Westside, other than MDR, and who want to drive there for cilantro pepito dressing. Bring us a Gelsons and Ralphs will have some real competition!


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