Huntley Hotel Put $20K Into Slow Growth PAC

During 2012 City Council elections, the Santa Monica-based hotel supported local political action committee Santa Monicans for Responsible Growth, the Santa Monica LookOut reports.

The Huntley Hotel, which has advocated against a major renovation and expansion of the neighboring Fairmont-Miramar Hotel, funneled money into a political group that also opposed the project, according to the Santa Monica LookOut.

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The online news outlet looked at new documents that show the Huntley contributed $20,000 to Santa Monicans for Responsible Growth during the 2012 City Council elections.

Santa Monica for Responsible Growth is a political action committee that formed last year to support so-called "slow growth" development candidates, including Ted Winterer, who was elected.

According to the LookOut:

Ivan Perkins, one of SMRG's founding members, told The Lookout last summer that Susan Burnside, a political consultant working for the Huntley, had been active in introducing members of the group to one another.

"I'm happy to work with whomever I may be aligned with," Perkins told The Lookout in August, adding that the reasons the Huntley opposes the Miramar redevelopment project may be different than SMRG's own.

For the full story, click over to surfsantamonica.com.

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Captain Liberty February 02, 2013 at 04:43 PM
Well, good for the Huntley. Yes, it's probably motivated by their business interests but it's a good thing for everyone who lives in SM. The developers are killing this city with their gobble up, take their profits and run leaving the rest of us to struggle through the mess they've caused.
Brenda Barnes February 03, 2013 at 03:02 AM
People have to be interested enough in an issue to care. That doesn't make them not credible. I myself with my urban planner husband have spent almost three years nearly full-time fighting overdevelopment in SM b/c it threatened to bulldoze the house we owned without just compensation or due process of law. That doesn't mean I did or said incredible things. I was preparing a legal case and knew it would have to be valid and supported by evidence or it would never win. More power to anyone who will help recall everyone on the Council who voted for LUCE. That's O'Connor, Holbrook, O'Day and Davis. Davis is smart but wrongheaded about this. The others are just developers' lapdogs looking for future political positions, revolving door jobs with developers and other cities (see The Fogarty Group online), consulting jobs and board positions in their own futures and will vote for anything developers put in front of them. Davis makes the majority and votes with them most of the time, so unless she changes her tune and starts voting consistently with McKeown, Vasquez, and Winterer--and they all implement LUCE in the way it promised, preserving existing neighborhoods, no new net car trips, not putting new infrastructure in Pico Neighborhood, etc.--she has to go too.


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