New 3rd St. Store Shows 'Apple's Covert Practices'

CNN looks at how Apple's new Santa Monica retail store on the Third Street Promenade was approved by city officials, saying it illustrates the company's "covert way of doing business."

In a two-part report on Apple's "secretive practices in opening retail stores," CNN looked at the new, 34-foot glass outlet to be constructed at the shuttered Borders on Santa Monica's .

CNN Tech reporter Mark Milian said he spoke with Santa Monica city officials who were "perplexed" and "infuriated" at how Apple went about getting the proper approvals to open its second Promenade store.   According to CNN, Apple won without ever mentioning the Apple name.

"The Santa Monica store episode also illustrates Apple's unusually covert way of doing business. Interviews with almost two dozen people familiar with Apple Store negotiations say the Cupertino, California, company sometimes employs uncommon legal tactics, refuses to name itself in public documents and hearings, and has sworn city government officials to secrecy."

Read the full CNN report here.

jan debont December 13, 2011 at 12:13 AM
Every company is interested to keep their new locations secret to avoid direct competition nearby. There is nothing wrong about this and I believe the Santa Monica City officials behave like spoiled and arrogant children, who want to play boss and bully at the same time. Pretty much like Mr Hoover who did not let a single request go around him. As a citizen of Santa Monica I want readers to know that the SM city counsel are a bunch of snobs and have behaved in that manner for many years. They don't put the city ahead of them, they pout their narrow minded ideas ahead of the city.


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