Pacific Park Donates Hub Sign to History Museum

The center hub sign is from the park's original Ferris wheel.

The 's collection just got bigger, thanks to a recent donation by : one of the two center hub signs from its original Ferris wheel. The hub sign is currently on display at the museum.

The hub sign is 6 feet in diameter and features 98 incandescent bulbs.

The donation was highlighted at an informal ceremony, at which Pacific Park Director of Marketing and Sales Jeff Klocke presented the hub sign to History Museum President/CEO Louise Gabriel and Chair of the Board Eddie Guerboian.

“We wanted to present the Santa Monica History Museum with something extraordinary and nostalgic, which led us to the Ferris wheel’s center hub sign for preservation,” Klocke said. “The Pacific Wheel has been an incredible source of pride for the city. Pacific Park’s donation of the center hub sign represents our desire to preserve a distinct part of Santa Monica history.”

“We are pleased to accept this unique donation by Pacific Park,” Gabriel said. “This is the type of artifact that makes the History Museum relevant to the city. The center hub sign will provide a means for the community to relive its past with wonder and whimsy.”

The wheel—which has been featured in hundreds of movies, TV shows and commercials—was replaced in May 2008. It's the only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world and has 160,000 energy-efficient LED lights. The environmentally friendly amusement attraction saves at least 75 percent more energy than traditional Ferris wheels that use incandescent bulbs.

Last year, Pacific Park received an honor for Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment from the the City of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica and the nonprofit Sustainable Works.


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