Santa Monica's Newest Tenant?

Popular web company moves to mid-city neighborhood, joining Yahoo! and other tech and Internet businesses with offices in Santa Monica.

Add online video-streamer Hulu to the growing list of big-name companies leasing office space in Santa Monica.

Hulu's residency in Santa Monica was rumored in June when the Hollywood Reporter . It was confirmed this week by the city's Economic Development division in an interview with the Santa Monica LookOut.

"We’re delighted by it because [Hulu is] bringing lots of jobs into the City," Santa Monica's Economic Development Administrator Jennifer Taylor told the online news source.

At the northern tip of Silicon Beach, Santa Monica already boasts an impressive roster of technology and Internet companies that include Yahoo!, Demand Media and AOL (Patch's parent company), and arguably lesser-known names such as  and . This list of entertainment companies with offices and headquarters here is equally formidable: MTV, Lionsgate and CBS Television Distribution, for example.


According to the LookOut, Hulu is moving into a nearly 100,000-square-foot office space in the Colorado Center, . In 2011, the Internet company reportedly made $420 million in revenue and boasted 1.5 million paying subscribers.

For the full story on Hulu coming to Santa Monica, visit surfsantamonica.com.

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Brenda Barnes October 27, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Be serious. Hulu brings what jobs into the City? Where are the stats showing Hulu will bring ANY but minimum wage cleaning and service jobs into the City? Hulu and all these other companies bring employees from elsewhere to further clog up our streets, now all day long, not just with rush-hour traffic. Their employees amble across streets without the slightest concern for us waiting, while in their 6-inch heels texting on their iPods, talking on their cell phones, AND talking to each other. It is illegal to require companies to hire locals, and besides, where are the locals who can do Hulu's jobs? Worse, companies like Hulu are now hiring "interns," I hear from talking to a few of them who came to the City Council forum at the library a few weeks ago. They pay them a "stipend" instead of wages, and these poor desperate college grads who can't get real jobs because the real jobs were sent to China and India take the stipend to get the experience they think will allow them someday to get real jobs. It is criminal what is happening right under our noses. These companies are destroying our quality of life while they launch a whole generation of slaves.
Gary October 30, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Brenda, what is your problem with Hulu? Many companies hire interns giving them the opportunity to further their chances for future employment with Hulu and or some other company and similar businesses. These college grads & future college grads are not desperate, they are simply taking advantage of an employment opportunity. I am sure you don't have an idea what "slaves" or slavery is all about as do myself and my "generations" of ancestors before me.Hulu is a company growing successful company looking to move into a much needed larger workplace. Be happy for them. Celebrate don't hate.


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