In Big Expansion, Stout to Open in Santa Monica

Father's Office may have some competition with Stout Burgers and Beer bringing artisan beers and gourmet burgers to 111 Santa Monica Blvd.

Move over Father’s Office, there’s soon to be a new burger and beer joint in town.

Stout Burgers and Beers will soon embark upon a third location, aptly named Stout #3, slated to come to Santa Monica in 2012. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of January, and should be open at 111 Santa Monica Blvd. by late March or early April.

Stout amplifies the concept of a local pub, offering a wide selection of artisan draft and bottled beers from around the world, along with a healthy roster of wines. The gourmet burger options are plentiful as well: "The Six Weeker" is topped with brie and fig jam; "The Morning After" is stacked with rosemary bacon, an egg over easy and aged cheddar.

Partners, Alex Kagianaris and Charles Lew, who met at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, already have a number of other restaurants under their belt, including in West Hollywood and Gasser Lounge in Redondo Beach. Kagianaris who studied at Le Cordon Bleu will serve as the executive chef and James Lavitola as general manager. 

And from the success of their location in Hollywood, it sounds like Father’s Office may have some competition.

“Unlike Father’s Office, Stout will solely be devoted to burgers and some sides. Nothing else will be served," Lew said. "But it’s the pairing of these gourmet burgers with craft beers that will set Stout apart.”

The first Stout was built in Hollywood in 2009, and it is on an ambitious roll for expansion in the upcoming year. “We’re looking at New York, Flagstaff, and Florida in 2012," Lew said.

The renderings already showcase a cool design with Stout #3. Aesthetic integrity will be high with the input of Kristofer Keith, founder of Spacecraft Group
Kristofer is open to doing just about anything when it comes to designing a space. He doesn’t align himself with any particular style; it could be modern or even thrift-store retro. 

Coupling his design abilities to reflect the individual personality of each venue he undertakes, you’ll find an eclectic sampling of styles.  One place may evoke a French countryside; another might resemble lower Manhattan, an exotic locale in the Mediterranean, an art deco rendering, or even some Italian osteria. Absent from his design is a uniformed look applied to each project he has undertaken. 

His resume includes such places as ; Osaka, the new Peruvian restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard; Naya; Boho; Smith House Tap and Grill; and Wellesbourne.

Aside from its first location in Hollywood, Stout #2 will soon be coming to Studio City, followed by its Santa Monica location.

Paul Rich December 19, 2011 at 11:11 PM
This place has to do well considering the optimum location between Palisades Park, Third St. Promenade and across from Ye Olde King's Head. However the "only serves burgers" philosophy may have to expand to accommodate more sophisticated palates or those seeking an alternative to red meat. The owners have obviously done their homework, gleaning the success formula of Father's Office; something the management at Xino, formerly atop Santa Monica Place, failed to do. Too often, entrepreneurial restauranteurs think they "know better" than the local populace and refuse to change or adapt their business models once their dream is not the smash hit they envisioned.


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