Best Thing: Basil Gimlet at the Misfit

Duck into the Misfit in downtown any day until 7 p.m. and order a savory basil gimlet at half-price.

I'm a beer drinker. But when I'm in the mood for something lighter and a bit sweeter, I turn to a savory cocktail.

Gimlets are traditionally sour, but the basil gimlet at is a bit sweet, almost like a mojito, because it's spiked with agave nectar.

It's also mixed with the vodka (Tito's, in this case) and lime zest that make it a gimlet. It's the big pieces of fragrant basil that make it so savory.

Unlike at other trendy bars that will serve drinks in feminine martini glasses, this drink is poured over super-sized ice cubes in a short tumbler.

The Misfit, at 225 Santa Monica Blvd., between Second and Third streets in downtown, has quickly become one of my favorite downtown happy-hour spots.

Its bar menu includes nine specialty drinks, each at $9. Until 7 p.m. daily—even on Saturdays and Sundays—each of the signature cocktails are half-priced.

I even enjoy the drink more than the sea-salt-sprinkled homemade chocolate-chip cookies that are served at no additional charge at the end of each meal.

I'd gladly pay the full price for the basil gimlet. I don't even mind when the leafy stuff gets stuck in my teeth.


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