City Touts Customer Service- Administrators deliver "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE"!

Owners and tennants are affected by city administrators no care attitude.

Some weeks ago the owners and tenants of the entire 800 block of Euclid St. and 12th St. were informed by mail from the city that our adjoining alley was to be given a new asphalt top repaving. Included were parking permits for a 2 block area in which to find parking, unfortuately in our neighborhood this is not easy with street cleaning etc.  

The work began on Oct, 8th and as we came to that weekend we were in "parking caos"! Permits do not guarantee available parking space.The work proceeded and the city employees are doing a very good job which is near completion. I have not one criticism of their work.

Many of the owners and tennants are people in their mid to late 70's and fear the weekend looming upon us.

So I attempted to call as that contact information was included with the permits. I e-mailed Jason Baer the Project Manager on Sun. Oct 14th requesting a response and to this minute there has not been one. Of the two contact telephone numbers he has given, none were answered after many attempts and no messages were returned. A Mr. Mabry was casual, unconcerned and in a hurry to blow me off the phone. The Superintendant too was never in and messages were unreturned.

In all of this the only thing one can glean is that the word "CARE" or the phrase "HUMAN TOUCH" is not in the city administrator's lexicon. Perhaps they need a refresher course in customer service.

Let me make clear that the alley has not even been in partial use. Now another weekend is upon us. Do we go through the same agony again? Who do you talk to? They tax you up the ying yang and administrative positions are overpaid, underworked, and we the people are obviously not the priority! 

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Eddie Greenberg October 19, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Was someone afraid to put this on page one?
Steph Thomas October 19, 2012 at 01:14 PM
"NO CUSTOMER SERVICE"! ... HA!!! When did you first discover this, Eddie? 1. It's almost impossible to get anyone's attention. 2.There usually is a few departments that 'cover' the same things so that when you DO reach someone, you can, and usually do, spend an entire day going round and round in circles (and accomplish nothing). This is one of their specialties (ALL departments) 3. In my own personal experience, if and when someone does get back to you, they are curt and abrupt...talk to you like you're a second class citizen, or BS'd until it's pouring out of your ears.
Steph Thomas October 19, 2012 at 01:15 PM
(cont) eg... behind a particular project that was not handled correctly, I was invited for a 'cup of coffee' and told 'not to worry...it would be handled correctly'. A pat on the back (they probably laughed behind my back) with a 'women should keep their place' attitude. Of course it never was handled. Something I just can't get out of my mind, Eddie. Remember when Target was trying to open here and all the controversy? One woman on the council asked: 'What's a Target?" Another thing that left me with my mouth hanging open...the reason given for keeping 'Trader Joe's' not being allowed to open on Wilshire... '...too close to residential area'. HUH? Everything on Wilshire Blvd is too close to residential. What an insult to my (our) intelligence. This stuff boils my blood. If I continue I'll get into things like all the structural ugliness they've brought to our once beautiful city...etc. The only concern they have is how much more money can they squeeze out of our little city. They ignore EVERY complaint, so you're not alone. One other thing while I have your attention... I keep hearing and reading about all this 'affordable housing' which has a good sound but whenever I see those words I'm on guard because there's NOTHING AFFORDABLE in Santa Monica to go with the 'affordable housing'. Is it some kind of joke???
Eddie Greenberg October 19, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Thank you for your support Steph! When I sent in this blog post it was immediately put on the back page. I guess Patch does not want to offend the harassers. Had I known, I would not have wasted my time writing it.Yesterday and today no work has been done on the closed alley, and the "nightmare parking weekend scenario" is upon us. No one to outreach to and no one reaching back. Those that could have read this had no idea it was there posted early yesterday on the back page. Outrageous! So a plague on both their houses! Our city manager earns slightly less than a U.S. President paid for by "we the people". It is crazy. "Affordable Housing" is only a sound bite. Those that enjoy it are coaxed here from other cities and it is denied to many Santa Monicans. I should know better; that this town is ruled by people who denied a Jewish Veteran Hero of Iwo Jima from speaking early. Need I say more? Once again thank you.


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