2nd Street Structure to Close for $35M Redo

Construction to expand parking structure No. 6 will last until late 2013.

A $35 million renovation of downtown parking structure No. 6 will be underway in Febraury.

Located on the east side of Second Street between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard and built in 1968, the current structure will be demolished next month.

In its future incarnation, it will house 700 cars—double the current parking spaces. The eight-level public parking structure will include 527 spaces above ground and 221 spaces on 3½ levels below ground with a separate entrance.

It will also include a protected, 90-bike storage room, 30 electric car charging stations and a solid waste/recycling area at the rear to help remove bins now placed in the adjacent alley.

Construction will last until late 2013.

During that time, the Santa Monica Police Department's downtown substation, located in Structure No. 6, will be closed.

Anyone who needs to file a report or obtain assistance with a non-emergency issue should call (310) 458-8491 or visit the Santa Monica Police Department's Public Safety Facility located at 333 Olympic Dr.

Also during construction, all-day parkers are encouraged to use the civic lot and structure, an entrance is located at Fourth Street and Civic Center Drive. City officials also ask commuters to take advantage of the Big Blue Bus shuttle to downtown.

All other downtown parking structures will operate normally during the construction.

Eddie Greenberg January 17, 2012 at 01:41 AM
This project will be a good investment. Parking structure # 6 in it's present form served the public well for nearly 50 years. Adding extra parking space is a good thing for customers, which will facilitate cars, bicycles, and electric car charging stations. No doubt I am sure the environmental concerns of tearing down an old building with asbestos etc. are being met. This building also survived fairly well from several earthquakes in the time period it stood there. Traffic will I am sure be impeded severly during demolishing the old building and constructing a new one, but the end result will be worth it. Wherever the police bicycle station is located I have no doubt that community service officers will continue to perform their long appreciated great service to our community.
Lou Adams January 17, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Perhaps the city might show some mercy and ease up on the draconian parking enforcement the city has become infamous for.
Barbara Small January 17, 2012 at 03:53 PM
And regarding structure 2 on Second Street, how long can it possibly take to repair an elevator? This is the elevator right at the Farmers' Market, and it's about impossible to climb 8 flights when I'm loaded down with bags of heavy produce. It was the slowest elevator ever, but it's a necessity.


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