Moms Talk: B-Day Party Planning Strategies

We want to know how you navigate the world of children's birthday parties.

Birthday parties are so much fun: All your friends, perhaps a bouncy house, the retelling of stories of your babyhood by loving relatives and, of course, a frosting-coated cake in the shape of some animal. Yep, birthday parties are fun … for kids.

For parents, the mere planning of the shindig to mark another year of successful child-rearing can raise many questions: Does the whole class score an invite? Are siblings included? Should you say yay or nay to presents? How big should the goodie bag be? Should there even be a goodie bag?

We at Patch want to know your birthday-party guidelines. How big are your parties? How do you handle the invitation situation? Has your party-planning motto changed as your children have grown?

Melody C. October 17, 2011 at 02:56 AM
Perfect timing for this article! My twins are 6 this month. 1st grade can be a killer for this sort of thing. This year they are in the same class, but last year they were separated. We felt that inviting the whole class and a few of last year's class members was the best solution for us. Thankfully since their birthday is a week before Halloween we get to have a Halloween themed bash. I rented a room at Virginia Park, and made some creative invites and games for everyone. It's nice that parents get to have their kids wear that $40 Halloween costume more than once, right? We just want everyone to come, have a good time, spend some time with friends, and maybe even make a few new ones. Gifts are NEVER required. Thank goodness for AMAZON, .99 store, and the internet for goody bag ideas. However, since we have twins one party may be a bit bigger than most parent's are used to. I will always encourage my kids to have their own friends, likes, dislikes, and with that comes more people.
Catherine Myman-Kaplan October 17, 2011 at 10:44 PM
Hi Melody! Thank you for your great suggestions--how clever using the room at Virginia Park! And thank you for taking the time to comment! :)Cath


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