Still Space at the Christmas Tree Graveyard

Trees dropped off at any of four designated parks will be recycled into mulch and used across the city.

A pile of dead stuff has never smelled so good.

Christmas trees are piling up at city parks, emitting lovely pine scents, and it's not too late to contribute to the green graveyard.

The trees will be recycled into mulch and used in parks and landscapes across Santa Monica. They may be dropped off through the end of the month at:

  • at 25th Street and Ocean Boulevard
  • at Chelsea Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard
  • at Lincoln Boulevard and California Avenue
  • at Fifth Street and Hollister Avenue

"If the trees are dumped out in the ally, we have to spend a special crew out … we can’t guarantee that they make it into the 'green' pile," said Mayesha Jones of the city's Resource Recovery and Recycling Division. "We would like to keep as much material out of the landfill as possible."

Last year, the city recycled 40 tons of Christmas trees —that's like half the size of a full, grown adult blue whale. Once grounded down into mulch, a majority of the nutrient-rich timber was spread across open space at the Santa Monica Airport.


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