Photos: Prepping the Downtown Train Station

Major construction started this week to build an Expo light rail train station on Colorado Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Streets. The line will begin running to Santa Monica from its current western terminus in Culver City in 2016.

Brenda Barnes February 24, 2013 at 01:50 AM
I never would have thought if I had not seen it in Patch and then checked it on Google Earth that that 4-story building at the SW corner of 5th and Colorado was going to be torn down. It's getting so 20-year old modern buildings are still not good enough for the money-hungry City Council. Recall O'Connor, Holbrook, O'Day and Davis. They passed LUCE and decided on everything to do with the Expo line. They are responsible for all this. Their legacy is traffic and debt. We need people with a real plan to run the City without developer money.


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