Was Your LAX Flight Canceled Because of Hurricane Sandy?

Some 129 flights at LAX were canceled because of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. Was your flight canceled? Tell us.

Some 129 flights at Los Angeles International Airport were canceled as of Monday morning because of Hurricane Sandy and its expected impact on the East Coast, airport officials said.

Nationwide, airlines have canceled more than 7,200 flights scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, said airport spokesman Albert Rodriguez, who provided details for many of them.

U.S. Airways canceled two flights to Philadelphia, while Virgin America canceled seven departures and seven arrivals, to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., according to a list prepared by LAX officials.

Jet Blue canceled three departures to New York and two to Boston. Qantas delayed the arrival of a New York flight to Los Angeles. American Airlines canceled Monday's seven departures to New York and Washington and 15 departures and 16 arrivals Tuesday to and from New York, Boston, Washington and Newark.

Delta Airlines canceled three departures Monday to New York and eight Tuesday. Alaska Airlines has canceled all six of its Washington D.C. departures Monday and Tuesday. United Airlines canceled nine departures Monday and 14 Tuesday to New York, Newark and Washington, D.C. Its sister company, Continental Airlines, canceled eight departures Monday and 10 Tuesday to the east coast.

Was you flight canceled as a result of Hurricane Sandy? Tell us in the comments section below.


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