What Are Your Solutions to Fixing Santa Monica's Transportation Problems?

What do you think can be done about parking, traffic and other transportation-related challenges facing the city?

Earlier this week, Santa Monica Patch reader weighed in with a letter to the editor surrounding parking issues and other transportation problems in Santa Monica.

Last weekend, a panel of experts—including City of Santa Monica Principal Transportation Engineer Sam Morrissey, Principal Transportation Planner Beth Rolandson and Transportation Demand Program Manager Annette Colfax—participated in a  to explore the city's transportation challenges.

"In Europe and elsewhere, drivers, cyclists, and others have been sharing roadways for many years," Griffin wrote. "In Santa Monica, as well as the rest of the country, this sharing is still uncharted territory. We’ll probably have to devise new rules as we figure out how to make this work."

Costin Harnoncourt May 08, 2011 at 05:18 AM
You need to charge more for parking! Period. If you want to come for the day to enjoy our city you need to pay for it. It will increase revenue for the city and stop people from coming just so they can walk up and down the Promenade without spending a dime.
Valerie Ferguson May 08, 2011 at 05:20 AM
Santa Monica is becomimg the "New" Hollywood. The entertainment businesses that were "traditionally" located in Hollywood and upscale clothing shops that were in Westwood are now in Santa Monica. Nothing wrong with that per se, but, with it there is a considerable amount of traffic congestion and increased parking issues which means tearing down (something) in order to accomodate the parking issues. Years ago you could see the ocean, now there are so many tall buildings along Ocean avenue blocking the view of the ocean. I thought SM was supposed to be a "green" city.
Pro Se May 08, 2011 at 02:24 PM
Only where it's safe, feasible, capable of being accomplished or brought about; and possible have One Way Streets that would free up two traffic lanes and reduce all accident related loss of life and injuries by 95.01%. Pro Se Santa Monica
Helena Ruffin May 08, 2011 at 02:37 PM
I'm continuously amazed at how the city of Santa Monica runs the Big EMPTY Blue buses through town especially during rush hour. Don't get me started on that gross red bendable thing, always 2-3 people. I can only imaging if these things were replaced with smaller, really smaller, buses like the one on Ocean Park, we'd see much less congestion.
shannon M May 08, 2011 at 05:33 PM
I agree with Helena - the buses could be condensed to smaller ones. Such as The Tide that use to run. In addition, change the bus route away from the promenade. You have one lane for buses only and it causes congestion, especially on 5th street. Or at least, turn it back into 2 lanes surrounding the Promenade and perhaps, only one bus stop on either side.
shannon M May 08, 2011 at 05:37 PM
I assure you it's a small percentage that can actually spend either 2 hours or the entire day walking the Promenade without spending one dime. To increase the parking is ludicrous. You would have people parking blocks from the beach at meters or in neighborhoods. Just look to Venice for that example, where the parking can cost as much as $20 for the afternoon. And who makes the profit on that? The individually owned parking lots, so you must mean raise the price of the meters. Then, who suffers from that? The Santa Monica residents!
Eddie Greenberg May 08, 2011 at 08:24 PM
The city council constantly ignores the pleas of residents to rein in development. This will get worse. Their ideas like the Transit Mall at a price tag of 13 million dollars is a total failure for what it was intended. Downtown traffic on the weekends is bedlam and yet parking is allowed on both sides of most downtown streets leading to Ocean ave. Sharing vehicles and bicycles? That's a good one. Have a pole among your 92,000 residents. A real comprehensive opinion pole not just a select few people. Light rail will not solve this either. Find out what Santa Monicans really want individually not through any organization that pretends to represent them.
john printy May 10, 2011 at 04:14 AM
I think what would solve the transportation problem in santa monica, would be more buses, and the expo line once it gets built,, and rolling, but I do think that santa monica needs to try to get people out of there cars, and onto buses, because i think that if you get more cars off the streets of santa monica, and convince more people to ride the bus to work, and school more the better off santa monica will be, with alot less traffic congestion, so my thought is convince people to leave there cars at home, and ride the bus to school, and work, and my thought on this expo line that is being talked about for santa monica I think that will definetly solve the traffic probblems for santa monica in a big big way all together....


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