Fire Sandra Lyons

Fire Sandra Lyons for incompetence.  Ms. Lyons should be fired for her incompetence.  She should reward Mr. Black for his bravery and commitment to the students and community.  She states her frustration with the community as jumping to conclusions, but she jumped to conclusions & expects the community to forgive her continued mismanagement of the district.  Why was this student allowed to attend SAMO after being expelled from LAUSD? Why did this student have a weapon and drugs on campus? Why did he feel so comfortable dealing drugs in class?  Why has Ms. Lyons not addressed any of these issues? She is too busy selling out our schools and our community.  She rents our facilities to the lowest bidders not allowing for sufficient funds to pay for staff and maintenance or safety personnel. She allows students who have a history of breaking the law and being expelled to permit into the district   She shows no regard for student, teacher or community safety.  The school board and Ms. Lyons attribute the lack of community financial support to the Ed foundation & the district to the equal distribution that is upcoming.  NEWS FLASH MS. LYONS, IT IS YOUR MISMANAGEMENT OF THE DISTRICT THAT HAS LED TO THE DECLINE IN SUPPORT. Parents in certain parts of district are concerned about the safety of their students and you have done nothing but allowed delinquents to permit into the district and apply the no tolerance for violent threats or action unequally.  You should be ashamed of your response and your mismanagement and offer your resignation as the appology the residents of Santa Monica deserve. 
Jack Casey April 14, 2014 at 02:08 AM
Corrected copy from above post: Hi Tim, I just posted to Santa Monica Patch (Which I had not heard of before tonight) on this topic. I noticed a few typos After I posted and would like to correct them, but can't see how to get back to it: Sandra Lyons is in way over her head as Sup't of SMMUSD. IMHO: Lyons did not "Misspeak" as some commentators have posted. Rather she was caught out by a moment of Truth. She spoke her values: First throw the staff member under the bus with no investigation of the facts - Guilty until proven innocent seems to be her code. Then call this Drug Dealer's home and and reassure the parents. Apologize to The Drug Dealer's parents and assure them that this "Alarming" incident of Physical Restraint by the classroom teacher deserved a thorough investigation and it will be initiated. God Forbid that she could have called Coach Black's home and asked HIM what happened that day!? Who is she afraid of? Have the so-called Minorities got her on the run and kowtowing to their every concern, no matter what the topic. That Racist, Ageist District & City Political Parasite Oscar De la Torre must be in his glory. HINT: Ms. Lyons, a leader leads from in front and makes the big, tough decisions out of a desire to be fair and equitable - Not at the behest of and in fear of the loudest mob. Under Stress & Pressure you did not "Misspeak" Ms, Lyons, you collapsed into a useless, panicked Apologist for some of the worst elements and corrosive trends in our society. if you can't take the heat - Please get out of that office and turn it over to someone with a backbone and a set of clear values. Jack Casey, 30 year veteran of SMMUSD (retired).
Paul Ryan April 14, 2014 at 02:25 AM
One often overlooked effect of these immediate dismissals of teachers PRIOR to any investigation of the facts is that the students are suddenly deprived of continuity in their course at best, and usually stuck with a very unqualified replacement. This was the case when photography teacher Alan Barnes was summarily dismissed for very questionable reasons and replaced by substitute with no photographic experience whatsoever. And at crucial time when students were preparing portfolios for college submission. Both the students on the SAMO wrestling team and in Mr. Black's biology class have certainly suffered, and will continue to do so unless Superintendent Lyons reinstates him before the end of Spring Break. It is the students who suffer it's certainly not clear to me who benefits. Ms Lyons has apologized, now she has a chance to truly help the students.
Paul Ryan April 14, 2014 at 09:31 PM
Surprised to see Rick King bringing up accusations to ONE wrestler from back in 2011. In Rick's words: "...Another was a very disturbing incident involving Coach Black's wrestling team which used a fake lynching to haze a black wrestler." It was a joke and a bad one. But one member was accused, not the team. The boy hazed went on to wrestle with his friends on the team for the rest of the season. It passed. The administration however, deprived the team of it's Olympic Class trainer and the team suffered false accusations from much of the student body due to uninformed innuendo from sensation seeking people and organizations. Venting vehement anger is one thing, uninformed innuendo is far more damaging.


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