Letter: A Model for a More Livable Santa Monica

The city should require developers to provide scale models of their proposed projects.


I applaud the Fairmont Miramar Hotel for reaching out to the community in positive fashion. However, I would also strongly suggest that this becomes a “model project.”

That is to say that all developers seeking development agreements provide scale models of their proposal along with massing of adjacent buildings. This should even apply to development agreement proposals of 50 units or less which historically have negligible interior courtyards as open space.

This will also clearly show how high the central 21-story hotel and condo building is with its mechanical and decorative roof top structure relative to the adjacent 101 Wilshire office building and the Huntley Hotel.

I discussed this with the city's planning director David Martin a year ago who also felt this would be beneficial, but for whatever reason is not yet required.

Here’s hoping for a more transparent future in addition to a “model” for more liveable environments.

— Ron Goldman, FAIA, Santa Monica

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Dan Charney March 05, 2013 at 12:34 AM
If you aren't being paid to write this - you should be- or run for something- I will vote for you gladly - you are always dead on and crack me up - you made my day- you should join us on the FB page- Recall Santa Monica City Council- it's the only way- as for all this "affordable housing" good luck- that is a complex one- and as for visiting tourists not renting cars? What a joke- they go to Disneyland, Universal- Hollywood- Malibu- there is not effective transit for them and many are used to it where they come from- other cities -especially in Europe have it- as for turning Santa Monica into the Urban Crawl for bikers and walkers- and creating density - who wants this besides the developers- the council and the silicon texting nerd 20-40 somethings? Who ever said they did ? Most of us long term dwellers- not the SB types who got here recently ( last ten years ) don't want it- we were fine without it- we liked our sleepy beach city- take your business parks and Urban Crawl and entitlement attitudes to Redondo Beach- we don't want it- and stop trying to tell us we shouldn't drive because you want everyone walking and on bikes- cars will be here- it won't stop- that argument is theoretical at best
Danielle Charney April 06, 2013 at 11:14 PM
Cars are not leaving- no matter what you do- the rich will always have them and isnt' that who all these new condos and apts are for? Certainly the few "affordable" units wont' make a difference in it- and most likely - they will have to take the bus anyway
Claudia Schafer April 06, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Thanks, Dannie - I just saw your post. Nope - not paid, but thanks for the props:-) And yes - I signed on to the Recall page. Only 16 likes? It'll take more than that to keep the Money Bags from blowing through this town like a damn Panzer Division.
Danielle Charney April 07, 2013 at 06:42 PM
Claudia- there are groups with women such as Ellen Brennen and Zina Josephs - and please join the Mike Feinstein FB page- I saw Dannie over there- also a good one to ask is John C Smith- he knows all the groups and is a good guy


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