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Letter: New Big Blue Bus Website Flashy, But Not Helpful

Santa Monica resident Bernice Glenn says the website leaves out pertinent route information for regular riders.


The new Big Blue Bus website has not only eliminated the location of bus stops on its web site. It has, instead, offered a "wizard" for getting a route for you.

The "wizard" doesn't give you any bus information for a specific route and it asks for a "place of interest" as your destination. While this may be good for the occasional tourist, it certainly does not serve the regular Blue Bus clientel who use the buses to get where they need to go.

The new web site is flashy, it looks good, but does not supply the information that regular bus drivers need. Santa Monica needs a web designer to redo the site based on what the users needs to know, not what management thinks looks great.

— Bernice Glenn, Santa Monica resident


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