Letter to the Editor: Main Street Summer Soulstice—This Is Really Shopping Local!

The annual fair, which may be in its last year, is where the concept of supporting local businesses puts the rubber to the road.

I happened to be doing my weekend errands on foot Saturday and noticed posters, along the Main Street shopping area, for the annual street fair next weekend.

The posters indicate this might be the last one, and that would be a shame. Unlike the , which is vastly comprised by chain stores and franchises, the great majority of shops along Main Street are independently owned. Also, many of them offer eco-friendly and sustainably produced merchandise, along with items produced by local artists.

That's where the concept of puts the rubber to the road. Buy something at , and the city only gets the . Buy something on Main Street and help support an eco-system of Santa Monica small-business owners, artists and residents—in addition to the sales-tax revenue.

In these continued times of financial hardship, anything we can do to help the community in which we live comes back to us in ways that benefit us as well.

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