Cleaner Set His Designs On Sunglasses

A member of the cleaning crew at the Louis Vuitton Store in Santa Monica was charged with stealing three pairs of the designer sunglasses.

On Jan. 23 a Santa Monica Police officer  responded to the Louis Vuitton Store located at 395 Santa Monica Place regarding a theft. 

The security agent told the officer that on Jan. 20  a merchandise inventory check was conducted and it was found that three pairs of sunglasses were missing.  The security agent reviewed video and found that a member of their cleaning crew had removed the sunglasses from their case while cleaning and then removed the security tags from the sunglasses.  The value of the sunglasses was valued at a total of $2945 according to store personnel. 

On Jan. 24, the suspect came back to work and the police were called to the store.  They arrested the suspect for burglary.

Suspect: Shaner Robert Michael, 7/16/78, 35, of L.A. Bail $20,000.

Tim De Rosen January 29, 2014 at 11:01 AM
Well at least he had good taste. Pity they might not fit him properly. He should have visited ATELIER (www.ateliereyewear.com) to order (and pay for) a pair of made to measure sunglasses that are guaranteed to fit perfectly.


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