Man Charged With Stealing MP3 Player from Rite Aid Store

Kevin William King was arrested by Santa Monica police after he used a razor blade from the Rite Aid store to open an MP3 player and walk out of the store with it.

On Jan. 11 at approximately 9 a.m. Santa Monica Police officers responded to a theft at the Rite Aid store at 1331 Wilshire Blvd.

The officers were also informed that the suspect had refused to stop when asked to by store security personnel as he exited the store.  As officers responded, one spotted the subject of the theft and detained him for investigation. 

Store security told another officer that he watched as the subject selected a package of razor blades from within the store and opened the package, taking one of the razors out.  The subject then walked over to the electronics area and selected an MP3 player.  He used the razor to open the MP3 player package and take the MP3. The subject was confronted by security personnel and denied having the store’s merchandise.  He walked out of the store. 

Store security personnel arrived at the location that the police were detaining the theft suspect and identified him as the one that committed the theft.  They made a private person’s arrest of the subject and the MP3 player was recovered on him.

Suspect: Kevin William King, Male, Black, 11-16-77, (36), of Los Angeles. Bail: $20,000.


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