Woman Facing 10 Felonies in Identity Theft Case

Authorities allege Los Angeles woman erased and rewrote details on checks that didn't belong to her.

A woman who allegedly stole and forged checks belonging to a Santa Monica dentist is facing 10 felony charges including identity theft and second-degree commercial burglary.

Virna Marquez, 30, of Los Angeles, was arrested Nov. 30 by Santa Monica Police after a month-long investigation into the theft of checks belonging to a man who had filled out several checks and put them in a mailbox inside his office building in the 2400 block of Santa Monica Boulevard. He was identified in prosecutors' criminal complaints as David Taft, a Santa Monica-based dentist.

Several days later, a Wells Fargo employee called Taft to inquire about the checks, which had been "washed" and made payable to a woman he didn't know.

Investigators tracked down the woman's mailing address in Inglewood, where they conducted surveillance and arrested Marquez. Police said they searched her car car and found alleged fraudulent credit cards and a tool used to pull mail from mailboxes.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office filed 10 felony charges against Marquez, including three counts of identity theft involving Taft, another man and South Bay View Terrace. She was also charged with burglary tool possession, falsifying financial statements, and second-degree commercial burglary for allegedly attempting to cash fraudulent checks at two Wells Fargo brances in Los Angeles and Texas.

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Brenda Barnes January 21, 2013 at 07:54 PM
Great police work.
Dan Charney February 24, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Glad to see the police are now able to get on this so fast- as someone whose life was destroyed by this sort of crime, and the police didn't care and told me it was 'civil'- the Wilshire Division- Identity Theft is serious business- no one who has not been through it or studied it knows how serious what these people can do is- they are capable of unbelievable things- be very careful- don't underestimate what these cons are capable of- the bank person here deserves an award- without her- they would still be floundering- one thing these cons do is take your credit and open LLC Corps that don't need names for 90 days- then they put credit card charges through them into a bank account and disappear- be careful - it's serious serious destruction - glad they got her- there are whole organizations out there that do very realistic fake title documents these cons use to take old people's houses out from under them- very sophisticated services - set up from soup to nuts- watch yourself-


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