A Contrast in Councilmen's Parting Words

Mayor Richard Bloom and Bobby Shriver conclude their terms on the Santa Monica City Council.

At their final meeting as members of the City Council Tuesday night, Mayor Richard Bloom cited his accomplishments over the past 13 years and Bobby Shriver reflected on the relationships he formed with "wild" and "crazy" Santa Monica residents.

Bloom, who appears likely to win the November run-off for the 50th Assembly District seat, distributed a 10-page list, enumerating successes such as the planting of 8,000 trees, compiled by city staffers at his request.

"I think it’s instructive… to see just how much a city can accomplish when things are working well," Bloom said. "And things work well in Santa Monica."

Neither Bloom nor Shriver sought reelection to the local dais and their seats will be filled by Planning Commissioner Ted Winterer and Tony Vazquez, who served on the council in the 1990s. They will be installed in December.

For his part, Shriver, who served eight years, said, "although it’s great to have this list… I agree with Richard there are some amazing things on here… I think of the relationships with people I formed who I didn’t know."

He said he enjoyed getting to know residents such as former mayor Denny Zane and taking heat from gadflies and "rebellious" groups who protested at City Hall. He described canvassing and meeting a black woman who told him she wasn't able to start voting until she was in her 50s in 1964.

"To me... that's what makes the city great," Shriver said.

Bloom is a family law attorney. He chairs the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission. Shriver formerly worked in the venture capital business and co-founded (PRODUCT)RED. He has chaired the California State Parks and Recreation Commission.

Councilwoman Pam O'Connor credited both men for their work addressing homelessness in Santa Monica and on a regional level.

"You brought your heart… you brought analytical skills," she said.

As much as they were similar in their dedication to local politics, their styles of governing were different, councilman Terry O'Day noted.

O'Day said Shriver asked piercing questions of financial issues and Bloom "brought the council together" and helped find common ground.

Their future might be headed in the same direction, councilman Bob Holbrook said.

"[Bloom] is going on to a higher office and I have a hunch [Shriver] is, too," he said.

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Tom hays November 28, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Shriver was often on the losing side with his provocative ideas and questions but brought an analytical approach and understanding of finance that will be sorely missed on City Council. His jousting with City Manager Gould was entertaining but also revealed a bit of arrogance in Shriver who would say he could quickly figure out complex issues that the city was struggling with. Maybe yes, maybe no. He was truly independent and fearless. Bloom was a clear voice for reason and collegial decisions. Extremely articulate, he was an outstanding mayor and difficult to replace. Targeted as a tool of developers, he seemed to me to be a balanced, excellent member of City Council.
stewart resmer November 28, 2012 at 11:54 PM
So long as I live I will never forget the day he rode a Segway down the sidewalk onen Sunday on Main Street forcing every one out of his way with a sign on the motorized device promoting his candidacy. (NYC Mayor Bloomberg once said of the Segway: They dont belong on the sidewalk, you'll hurt some one, and they dont belong in the street, youll get yourself killed) Too bad Dick doesnt ride one in NYC, if a pedestrian didnt pop him, then the NYPD would grab him, failing that he would have been road kill! Of course here in SM the People are tolerant of a self promoting Pol, the cops would not dare collar a council person, and he's too timid to get among em in the streets. Sort of a speed bump curb extension sort of guy, so glad to know he will be dealing with the greater electorate than the insular SMRR tyranny of the majority brand of governance he is used to! Boy is this guy in for an education. Here SOCAL he's all yours now!
Jonathan Friedman November 29, 2012 at 11:27 AM
The brief few months that Bobby Shriver served as mayor were the most entertaining in Santa Monica ... at least for me as a journalist covering the city. I would watch a council meeting for fun if Shriver ran them all.
Gregg Heacock November 29, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Bobby Shriver called me a couple of times when he was Mayor–just to comment on something I had said before the City Council. I imagine others in town received similar calls. While his flexibility in dealing with issues sometimes made me wonder what his stance really was, I found that he understood more than most how to compromise in order to prevent an issue from being decided before it was in acceptable form. He has brought a financial intelligence to matters that will be sorely missed. His self-confidence was such that, rather than speaking circumspectly as many politicians do, he spoke directly with candor and good-humor. His voice will be missed.
John Londono November 29, 2012 at 10:37 PM
I cringe every time I hear the name Bloom. What does "balanaced" mean? It means you don't stand for anything. I see him as a prototypical politician looking to serve himself before his constituents. I am happy to see he is leaving Santa Monica. Too bad excrement floats to the . He will be climbing the political ladder, like every two faced politician does.
Brenda Barnes November 30, 2012 at 01:11 AM
I agree with John re: Bloom. He sold us out to developers long ago, and he is leaving his role as leader of the pack of developers' lapdogs (DLs) to Terry O'Day, who lied to voters to get reelected. Just like his mentor Bloom. O'Day sent out campaign mailers saying he voted against evicting residents of Village Trailer Park, but eight days after he was reelected he voted yes to do just that. He even came back from being out of town for on Tues., to do that at a special meeting on Wed. Corruption beyond belief. However, I am more disappointed with Shriver, who was absent from most of the meetings I attended in the past 18 months, so maybe I didn't see enough of him or see him when he hadn't already decided to move on. He came to meetings unprepared, believed everything the City Attorney said (which should not deceive a Yale cum laude graduate like him), and voted all over the place. With his celebrity, he could have done so much more. He is commited to relieving abject poverty in Africa, along with Bono, so he should have stood up to the cabal of DLs who are kicking out low-income people in Santa Monica, many of whom will be homeless. Picketing in front of the Park, we have talked to several former SM tenants Ellised out of apartments, who became homeless. It doesn't take long paying market rents, even if one is employed, before the $18,500 in relocation benefits is gone. I still hope Shriver will help the homeless and low-income people of SM in his future.
Jon Mann November 30, 2012 at 04:16 AM
I wish Shriver had run for assembly against Bloom. Shriver would never have attacked a fellow democrat and accused her of enabling pedophiles. He would have run a completely honorable campaign. He has never allowed any kind of special interests to affect how he voted the entire time he was on the council. He used his celebrity to help people and never showed any sign of arrogance or disregard toward the residents of this city, whether they be homeless veterans, renters, middle class homeowners or north of Montana residents fighting to keep their high hedges.
Douglas Fay November 30, 2012 at 05:45 AM
You just don't get it do you? Bloom's involvement with the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission and their so call non profit partner Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation is morally deplorable. The $100 Ballona Wetlands Restoration he is directly involved in is a sham. It's not a restoration project. It is a proposed flood control project for Playa Vista. Investors from Irvine were interested in purchasing Phase II land. Bloom's Butler attack ads funding came from Irvine. Connect the dots. If the SMBR Foundation were audited and justice served, for the first time in over 2 decades we'd actually start to heal the bay. Bloom in the Assembly is a problem, not a solution.
Brenda Barnes November 30, 2012 at 07:52 AM
Bloom anywhere is a problem. What to do about the problem is the question. Do you know how to get the SMBR audited?
Douglas Fay November 30, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Good morning Brenda and thank you for showing an interest in a neglected environmental concern. I don't know how to get an independent audit of a non profit organization that is directly supporting a State Commission. The funds were suppose to go through the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Account in the State Treasury. Instead they go directly to the non profit SMBC Foundation. What are they trying to hide? Greed? I'm extremely disappointed in how the Santa Monica Bay environmental movement that my father Dr. Rimmon C. Fay founded has turned into a money grabbing free for all without accountability to the public. Integrity is completely absent. Bloom is a leader in the pack. Thoughts?
Brenda Barnes December 01, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Does the document setting it up say the funds are to go through the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Account to the State Treasury? I would start there.


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