Are You in Favor of Big Blue Bus Changes?

Do you support the major adjustments recently approved by the city council?

service is poised to go through some major changes following the approval of adjustments at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Under the approved plan, the No. 2 line, which runs on Wilshire Blvd., will see a reduction in service hours totaling more than 13,000 annually, while the No. 1 line on Santa Monica Blvd. will increase its service during peak times by roughly 5,000 hours each year.

Similar changes will be made to the Local 7 and Rapid 7 routes. Service for the former will be reduced by more than 9,000 hours annually, and service for the latter will increase substantially with the addition of more than 22,000 hours, shifting commuter traffic to the faster bus line, which makes use of traffic-signal priority along Pico Blvd.

The approved changes will also truncate service on Hill St. in response to residents’ complaints about excessive noise from bus traffic, especially on the uphill trip on that street.

"We think the plan approved last night for the BBB #2 route was fair, reasonable
and supportive of the bus riders needs," Santa Monica activists Jerry and Marissa Rubin told Santa Monica Patch. "Hopefully the new route will also work somewhat better for the residents along Hill Street that were complaining about bus noise."

Gary Kavanagh May 13, 2011 at 06:48 AM
The changes seem pretty reasonable, and Wilshire has frequent L.A. Metro service as well. However in general, I think we need more frequent buses, and better on time performance, if more people are going to take to using bus service as an alternative to driving.
Zina Josephs May 13, 2011 at 01:59 PM
I don't understand how expecting Sunset Park and Pico Neighborhood residents to either wait longer for the Local 7 bus on Pico Blvd., or to walk further to the Rapid 7 stops on Pico Blvd. (only at 28th 18th, and Lincoln) is going to encourage more people to ride the bus rather than drive.
Gary Kavanagh May 13, 2011 at 06:02 PM
I didn't realize Rapid 7 had so few stops in Santa Monica. Personally I think it was the wrong move to keep fares so low. When fare-box recovery is low, and state has cut transit funding, it makes it very difficult to provide sufficient level of service. It is a fine balance keeping bus service affordable, but I know for myself, I usually just ride a bike because it's a lot faster than taking the bus, at least for destinations within Santa Monica. I do regularly use the 10 express to get to Downtown though. But not everyone can ride a bike, and strong bus service is critical for mobility which is not automobile dependent within the city.


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