City Probes Tenant Harassment Complaints at 3111 Fourth St.

Twelve tenants lodge complaints with the City Attorney’s Office over construction noise and new "restrictive" apartment rules.

The City Attorney's office is investigating a dozen complaints from tenants of an Ocean Park apartment complex who say they're subject to unbearable construction noise and new regulations that are making their lives difficult, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Among the complaints are a new set of "restrictive" rules handed down in September that ban the residents at 3111 Fourth St. from storing items on their decks and patios and from smoking in their units. The tenants told the Daily Press they were also asked to pick up new keys from an off-site property management office, and were told that replacements for the new keys would cost $250.

Daily construction noise from the remodeling of vacant units is reportedly upsetting the tenants, too.

In the local newspaper, the situation at the building was described as "absolute mayhem," by Lizette Alvarado, a 15-year tenant.

Deputy City Attorney Eda Suh is asking the residents, landlord and property owner to meet with a mediator to settle the dispute, the Daily Press reported.

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mimi December 20, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Similar rules apply all over the general Los Angeles area in residential buildings, including the building I live in. It may be annoying, but it's nothing new, arbitrary or persecutory. It is a freedom you give up when you choose to live in a building with multiple units. Try to understand why these rules are necessary for peace and harmony among neighbors. As for the cost of keys, you can make duplicates and save yourself the costly penalty. I'm surprised these rules were never enforced until now.
Rebecca A. Anderson December 21, 2012 at 03:38 AM
In the old days what you signed up for in ink & paper would remain your rights, as long as you adhered to your side of the bargain, nothing much could be changed with the invasion of the new people what's right doesn't seem to be staying in place, no wonder it keeps seeming like the whole world is in trouble. Most of us are just trying to survive, we don't have the ability to spend more money on much of anything. Just seeing all over town a gallon of milk has gone up at least 60 cents a gallon has put aren't in this Senior citizen's budget, plus the food stamps don't strech as far as they used to.
Brenda Barnes January 04, 2013 at 09:13 PM
The Rent Control Charter Amendment prohibits new rules unless they are the same as expired old rules. That's all that matters. What people can do other places in other circumstances is irrelevant. Even if that were not true, though, it is sad that people are so prone to find some excuse for abuse of other people. What ever happened to Live Free or Die and Don't Tread on Me? Americans used to have some spirit.
Dan Charney January 04, 2013 at 10:10 PM
I live near this construction- in face, right down the street- they are harassing everyone in the area with this construction. The other day, they had their private garbage- demo truck going up and down the street in front of my apt for hours- back and forth from the site to the round-about- about 4 blocks - I called the city and reported it. The management and owner of the building I live in has over the course of my tenancy, harassed and tried to make me leave many different times. They always try that old "you need to sign a new lease" routine- NO YOU DON'T -EVER- and just because they have money and nasty lawyers doesn't mean "don't you think we can throw you out whenever we want?" -NO- I DON'T - there are laws - important to know them and stand up to it.
Brenda Barnes January 05, 2013 at 12:21 AM
Glad to know someone still has spirit, Dan! You and I know we don't have to give up ANYTHING when we "choose" to live in an apartment building or other multifamily complex--priced out of the market to buy, as we are, so where was the choice? Landlords have to follow the law. That's what the article is about, not how much tenants should feel obligated to give up.


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