Homeless Population Decreases by Nearly 5% in Santa Monica

The report from the annual count shows 742 people living on the streets, in cars, in shelters and in institutions.

The current homeless population in Santa Monica is 742, according to the latest count. Patch file photo.
The current homeless population in Santa Monica is 742, according to the latest count. Patch file photo.

Santa Monica's homeless population decreased 4.88 percent from 2012 to 742, according to the Citywide 2014 Homeless Count announced Monday at a Social Service Commission meeting.

The count conducted Jan. 29 found the street homeless population was 346, a 8.9 percent decrease from the 380 in 2013; 57 people sleeping in cars, 10.9 percent less than the 64 in 2013; and 396 in shelters and institutions, a 1 percent decrease from the 400 in 2013.

There was a 39 percent decrease in the number of homeless people living in downtown Santa Monica, from 141 in 2013 to 86 in 2014. The area is defined as between Ocean Avenue, Lincoln Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard and Pico Boulevard, including all of Palisades Park and the Santa Monica Pier.

--City News Service

mimi February 25, 2014 at 04:09 PM
I would like to see the research design used in this study. It's the only way to establish the validity and reliability of the report. Until then, garbage in garbage out.
andy k. liberman February 25, 2014 at 06:03 PM
742 homess is 742 too many. With the conservative austerity trends in government the past years it's no wonder the number is so high: with cut backs in section 8 housing, in social services, and in food help. If the government can now send millions of dollars to the Ukraine now after a coup, why can't we spend the same here for our own? And Kaucher's conservatve fantasy that the shelters go unused in cold weather, try watching something other than FIX NEWS, sir.
Keith Martin Kaucher February 28, 2014 at 12:29 AM
That's funny, that so called "Conservative Fantasy" came directly from one of the officers I had to call to my shop to get some drunken homeless guy off my stoop last year, just so I could enter my building. Mr LIBERALman, If you're so concerned about these 742 people, why not rent some of them rooms in your home, not enough room you say, then let them set up tents in your back yard, let them use your bathroom facilities, and cook them hearty meals at your expense, but don't piss in the wind and try to tell me it's raining, because I know what I know first hand. Mr. Liberalman, until you've had to physically fight one of these guys in your business parking lot like I have, just trying to get into your office, and then had to drive all the way back to your house to get another shower to wash the stench off and change your clothes, or had the pleasure of scraping their feces off the sidewalk in front of your office building 20 times a year, I don't really care about your bleeding heart, Boo Hoo "742 homeless is 742 too many" opinion. Instead of watching the liberal based news, try talking to the cops on homeless patrol get the facts straight from the men and women that deal with this everyday. Yet another liberal living in a safe little ivory tower dictating policies that don't work in the real world.
Glenn E Grab March 04, 2014 at 01:40 PM
Andy, if you're so concerned about he homeless, let them stay at your house....
Zil Liz Zil April 19, 2014 at 05:04 PM
i'm homeless and stay in santa monica sometimes. the city is really tough on the homeless. most homeless are not as bad as the above commenters are saying. most are sane and do some kind of work for a living. they don't run around on drugs, defecate in the street, or beg for money. a standout few do, but that's like damning your entire family for a bad uncle or rude aunt. not fair, and not realistic.


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