Letter to the Editor: Don't Approve Another 'Unnecessary' Development Project

On Tuesday, the city council will consider a proposed Colorado development that would feature 600-plus parking spaces.

On Monday, in anticipation of Tuesday's meeting, Bill Fordes of Sunset Park sent Santa Monica Patch the following letter to the editor:

I note for the record that the July 26th city council agenda includes a development agreement for a four-story, 190,000 square-foot office building with over 600 parking spaces in the Pico neighborhood of Santa Monica. This will probably result in an additional 2,500 . And this is only one of many large development projects planned for that area. They, taken together, will affect residents not only in the Pico neighborhood but also residents in Mid-City and Sunset Park.

Is the council serious? Another development project—unnecessary and unwanted, unreasonable and ill-conceived—for the already struggling Pico Neighborhood? Overcrowding, traffic, environmental and humanistic concerns all shout out against this project. Safety and health notions dictate against it, and yet in all likelihood, as with nearly every development project that comes across [the council's] tables, they will hem and haw, make a sham of debate in a show hearing and then rubber-stamp the monster.

Are they truly intent upon creating a stranglehold of big business and big developers on the so-called democratic process in the city of Santa Monica? Are they so beholden to these developers and big-business interest for their positions on the council that almost nothing will deter them from approving yet another foolish and shortsighted development that will inevitably lead to the further decline in the quality of life in Santa Monica?

Have they—any of them—attempted to traverse the city at or near a rush hour that is quickly coming to encompass all the daylight hours?  Have any of them dodged ever-increasing vehicular traffic on their bikes in the so-called bike lanes? Do any of them have to deal with the many deleterious effects of overcrowding derived from overdevelopment, or are they so removed from real life that they have no notion of what they do, in the end?  Do they, at last, have no shame?

I have urged the council to disapprove the project. I urge you to write and do the same.

If you're interested in the above letter, check out this related piece, also published Monday:

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Bill July 26, 2011 at 04:09 AM
One solution offered: Find out the addresses of the council and any of their close famliy members that live in Santa Monica and start driving a 3 hour traffic parade past their homes every weekday for a week. They need to see what Colorado Avenue, Olympic Blvd, and Pico Blvd are like at rush hour. When it takes me 45 minutes to go from Stewart and Colorado to JAMS for my son's soccer practice, then something is really wrong already with the system, and adding more development will certainly not help.
jason h July 26, 2011 at 03:06 PM
the city council has long disregarded the well being of existing citizens in favor of corrupt payoffs from developers and chamber of commerce types...perhaps some day the citizens will understand that the entire city council needs to be refreshed and the stagnant, corrupt politicians all need to be removed.
Eddie Greenberg August 09, 2011 at 04:29 PM
They will develop, desecrate, and owe their allegiance to the developers only. That is real. Remember that in the next election. If we invaded the north of Montana section of Santa Monica with traffic, noise, homeless, bicycles, the Metro and crime perhaps then they would see when they have share the same risks that we do.Until then nothing will stop them, the police will not notice them and they will be an entity unto themselves. So out of touch are they that an older veteran of Iwo Jima could not participate by speaking early. They asked him write a note which his Parkinson's disease prevented him from doing. Are these folks whom we want?


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