Santa Monica's 'Chain Reaction' Sculpture Saved

The city was planning to remove the sculpture after deeming it unsafe but supporters were able to raise funds to restore it.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

 Supporters of the peace sculpture "Chain Reaction" are celebrating the city's plan to accept the more than $40,000 raised by Conrad's family and the community to help fund restoration efforts for the sculpture.

The landmark sculpture in front of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was a gift to the city of Santa Monica in 1991 from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Paul Conrad.

City Manager Rod Gould told statue enthusiast Jerry Rubin he will recommend that the city council accept the money at a Feb. 25 meeting, a sculpture enthusiast said.

"It's good news to hear as we ring in the new year," Santa Monica resident and supporter Jerry Rubin said. "He sees the efforts the community and family has put into this."

In 2011, the city determined the sculpture was unsafe after kids were found climbing it. The safety issue and the loss of the city's redevelopment agency and its funding led to the city's recommendation to take down the sculpture, said Kate Vernez, deputy city manager for special projects.

Supporters, however, responded to the city council's challenge to raise their own funds. Rubin, a community organizer, said $4,000 was raised in December during his public birthday celebration.    

Rubin says funds are still being collected to help towards the upkeep of the historical landmark. Those interested in making a tax deductible donation can do so with the Santa Monica Arts Foundation.

City News Service
Jerry Rubin December 31, 2013 at 06:04 PM
The other part of this story that was not mentioned is that the City Manager is also recommending to the City Council that the City fund the rest of the restoration cost.
pilot_rick December 31, 2013 at 09:01 PM
Just awful. Why would the city fund such a horrible statue that only serves the selfish arrogant few?
Rhonda January 01, 2014 at 12:48 PM
I agree with pilot_rick...what a joke!
Apolinaire January 03, 2014 at 10:51 AM
What irony! The same people supporting restoration of Chain Reaction eagerly fought the removal of other peace symbols in this City which had a home here much longer than Chain Reaction. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, Jerry. Wouldn't you call this "Social justice" or something like that? Get this piece [peace] of art out of the City.


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