SM Patch Writer Honored by L.A. City Council

Gary Kavanagh and other members of Wolfpack Hustle are recognized for the race against Jet Blue during "Carmageddon."

Santa Monica Patch Gary Kavanagh was among the individuals honored by the Los Angeles City Council on Friday for staging 

"I would like to applaud the efforts of the local cycling community in the 'Flight vs. Bike' challenge," Councilman Bill Rosendahl told Santa Monica Patch. "Team Wolfpack Hustle proved to an international audience that bikes are a truly viable mode of transportation in the city of Los Angeles."

The team of bicyclists—who dubbed themselves "Wolfpack Hustle"—placed a bet with JetBlue that they could get from Burbank to Long Beach faster than a passenger on a JetBlue airplane. The idea for the race was spawned after JetBlue offered one-time $4 flights between the two cities during "Carmageddon," in light of fears that cars would have trouble getting across Los Angeles.

Media outlets ranging from local TV networks to The Rachel Maddow Show covered the race, which the bicyclists won. While Kavanagh was one of the organizers, he actually used public transit instead of his bike.

For more on Friday's ceremony and the race itself, check out Kavanagh's latest blog post, the post he wrote after the race and he wrote for Santa Monica Patch.


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