Concord High School Director Allegedly Misused More Than $1 Million in School Funds: Report

A former administrator allegedly put her husband and son on the school's payroll, according to a reported suit filed in a bankruptcy court.

Former Director Susan Packer Davis allegedly misused more than $1 million in school funds, helping sink the school into bankruptcy, according to a report published Sunday in the Los Angeles Times. The ex-administrator put her husband and son on the school payroll, and charged nearly $400,000 to the school's credit card, among other reported allegations.

Packer Davis is a former chair of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board.

On Friday, a lawsuit was filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on behalf of the nonprofit college preparatory school by Cypress LLP, according to the Times. Packer Davis' husband, Eric Hille, and her son, Alexander Davis, are also reportedly named in the suit.

Among the claims in the suit are a breach of fiduciary duty. Davis also allegedly used school funds to pay for her own personal expenses, Alexander Davis' rental of an apartment in Westwood and her own "grossly inflated" compensation, the report says.

Packer Davis "ran the school without any oversight and treated it like it was her personal bank account," Cypress LLP attorney Howard S. Levine alleged in the suit.

She has reportedly not been in touch with the school since she resigned in November, when Concord High filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. She had been director since the late 1990s.

In 2009, Packer Davis paid herself $308,000 for the school year, according to the Times. The school's reported revenue for that year was roughly $1.5 million. Over the course of three years, she charged nearly $400,000 to the school's credit card and declared more than twice her salary's worth of expenses for "conferences, conventions and meetings," the suit reportedly says.

Go here for the full Times report.

Concord High School offers small classes and does not impose a tracking system. Requirements for graduation include two years of college preparatory elective courses, four years of English, two years of foreign languages, two years of history/social science, two years of laboratory science, three years of mathematics and one year of visual and performing arts. A minimum C+ average is required and must be maintained in order for students to stay enrolled.

Troy fromin May 18, 2011 at 09:09 AM
I work at fromins deli across the street from concorde now I know why they were really good tippers
Joanne S. Carrillo August 15, 2011 at 03:38 AM
Susan Davis wore the "oath of poverty" and denied being able to help faculty with any medical insurance. I taught at the school and was REFUSED the opportunity to attend any conferences, conventions or meetings that were directly related to enhancing my skills as an educator. In addition, when I asked for her help to find an affordable apartment (since she was queen of rent control in Santa Monica) she said "there was nothing she could do". SHAME ON SUSAN DAVIS AND HER CLAN! She should be locked up and forced to liquidate - not use the Federal Bankruptcy Courts. Joanne Stanulonis


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