Occupy LA: A First-Person Perspective

Jahnny Lee shares a journal entry he wrote after walking out of class on Wednesday.

Santa Monica College student Jahnny Lee submitted to Santa Monica Patch the following journal he wrote after walking out of class on Wednesday. To preserve the letter's original integrity, it has not been edited:

The time is 11:30 am and here I am in class at listening to my professor’s lecture while my mind was occupied on handwriting the formal letter sent out to students to show their professors about the nationwide student walkout inspired by the events at Occupy Wall St. As I am writing the letter, I am wondering to myself if any other students at SMC know about this nationwide walk out .This truly shows of how the majority of students are so caught up in studies and work that they don’t even realize what’s really going on in their world.

A couple days before I informed my classmates about Occupy LA and Occupy Wall Street and they seemed to be in support of the movement. As I was finishing up writing the letter I turn around and ask them if they knew about the nationwide student occurring today, October 5th at 12pm and they had no idea of it. Finishing up my letter, I turn around one more time and ask if they are with me, ultimately they declined and it just gave me a bigger sense of inspiration and push to get up and stand for our generation. Personally, I don’t think the majority of my generation even realizes the importance of this movement. Even if you don’t support the movement or don’t understand it, it should be something we should be very proud of, just for the fact that our generation’s voice is getting heard, That alone is a reason to get up and stand up and support your fellow brothers and sisters.

As the SMC campus clock tower strikes 12pm I packed up my belongings and stood up, I felt this sudden rush that this was the right thing to do and show an example to my fellow classmates that there are really people in this world who want change and that brought a great sense of pride in myself. I handed my written letter to my professor and told him to please read it.

Having my 99% patch I received from Occupy LA on my backpack, I felt like every single student in the class had their eyes on me and the 99% patch wondering what I was doing and what 99% meant. Walking out the doors of my classroom I felt rush of accomplishment and felt the spirits of all those who walked out at the same time I did at their college campus as I did.  Walking away from campus I asked myself, how many other students across the world are doing and feeling the same experience as I have for this nationwide walkout at the exact moment at 12pm. It was quite exhilarating. I walked out, never looked back and I felt the seed has been planted.

Go here to read more about SMC students' involvement in Occupy Los Angeles.

If you're part of the Santa Monica community and want to share your Occupy Los Angeles photos and/or videos, send them to Kurt.Orzeck@patch.com for consideration.

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