Poo Was On Purpose, Student Protesters Say

A fresh layer of manure was spread across the lawn were students intended to camp out in continuing demonstrations against Santa Monica College's two-tiered tuition proposal.

To camp, you've gotta get down and dirty.

But Santa Monica College students didn't expect to pitch a tent Monday on campus in a fresh layer of manure. The overnight camp-out was planned as part of their ongoing protests . Now, the students are accusing administrators of spreading the refuse on purpose to prevent the demonstration.

The chairwoman of the college district's Board of Trustees Chairwoman Margaret Quiñones-Perez addressed the accusation Tuesday night.

"When I found out tonight, just tonight, that cow manure was put purposefully for the protesters and the sprinklers [were turned] on, it disgusts me," she said.

Quiñones-Perez is the only member of the board opposed to the divisive plan, which would give students the option to enroll in a second tier of higher priced courses not subsidized by the state. The courses would instead be offered at cost to the college, about $180 per unit—more than three times the amount California residents currently pay.

The college's Director of Facilities JC Saunders-Keurjian, told the Corsair that the smelly fertilizer was fresh, but wasn't intended to thwart protests.

“We didn’t know there was going to be protesting today, it was just a coincidence,” she told the student-run paper.

There's been friction between students and school officials since the plan was adopted earlier this spring (). Tensions escalated in April when rowdy student  demonstrators .

A few students—at least one claimed an officer put her in a chokehold—have labeled the pepper-spraying "police brutality."

Fore more on the campout, visit the Corsair online.

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