Principal Kisses Pig, Dyes Hair Blue: See Video

To the delight of students, Will Rogers Elementary School Principal Steve Richardson makes good on a fundraising promise.

He kissed a pig, but he didn't necessarily like it.

On Friday morning, Principal Steve Richardson made good on a promise that he would kiss a pig and dye his hair blue if the school's PTA beat its recent fundraising goal.

The PTA had challenged Richardson to kiss a pig or dye his hair blue if the organization drummed up $30,000 between Sept. 14 and Oct. 14. Those who donated had the chance to vote for which gag they preferred.

The PTA hit the $30,000 mark on Oct. 12, at which point Richardson placed a new bet: If the group could raise $35,000 by midnight two days later, he'd both kiss a pig and dye his hair blue. By the deadline, $36,131 was raised, leading to Friday morning's spectacle.

Will Rogers kids, teachers, staff, parents, PTA members and school alumni assembled on the school playgrounds, while PTA Co-President Sally Miller emceed. She said the funds will go to art programs, new blacktops and other amenities at the school. A handful of kids joined her in front of the assembly, hoisting signs that spelled out "$-3-6-1-3-1."

And then, it was on to the main event. Kids shouted and giggled in anticipation as a playfully reluctant Richardson appeared, pretended to flee, and eventually took a seat in front of the assembly.

With kids screaming, "Dye his hair!," Miller and others applied blue dye to the principal's hair. After that, with kids chanting, "Kiss the pig!," an animal handler from Reptacular Animals in North Hollywood brought out a pig named "Wilbert" (that's right—not "Wilbur"). After applying some balm to his lips, Richardson crept toward the squealing pig, inched away, and after a few times of playing coy, eventually kissed the pig on the head.

A seemingly unfazed Richardson then address the crowd, telling them the PTA fund drive was the biggest one the school had ever seen. He added that the kids and the PTA would have to up the ante next year, both in terms of the fundraising goal and the bet.

"I Kissed a Pig," a spoof of Katy Perry's hit song "I Kissed a Girl," played over the speakers as the satisfied crowd disassembled.

Look above to see videos of Richardson getting his hair dyed blue and kissing Wilbert the pig.

Melody C. October 21, 2011 at 09:42 PM
This principal is a refreshing addition to our school. I have had two children go through it who are now either in college or who are about to leave for college that attended Will Rogers, and twins that are currently in 1st grade here Mr. Richardson is by far our favorite. He's interactive with parent and the children. He works with the staff to make the learning experience a positive one for the kids, and if there is an issue he addresses it immediately. He has not once put us off if we have had concerns about our children. His own children attend this school giving parents a sense that the turnover that we have had in the past several years stops with him. We are so lucky to have him.


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