School District Superintendent Apologizes for 'Sabotage' Memo

Tim Cuneo says he did not mean to offend or demean the parents mentioned in the memo.

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Superintendent Tim Cuneo apologized Thursday night for sending a confidential memo to the Board of Education. The memo alleged three special-education parents may try to sabotage the 's negotiation with the City of Santa Monica about obtaining a portion of the city's sales tax revenue. He made the apology at in Santa Monica.

The memo was leaked to the media. Cuneo's apology says:

"I publicly want to make an apology. I wrote a memo to the board that was shared with the media, and I want to publicly apologize for that memo that I wrote, and I know that it offended three of our parents. It was not my intent to offend or demean them. I am appreciative of the contributions that our parents have made, and have personally asked them to accept my apology. I am sorry and hope that this error on my part will not hinder us in working together for all students in the district. Thank you."

School board members have not responded to Cuneo's apology.

This story was originally published on Malibu Patch.


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