Anthea Raymond
Anthea Raymond is a journalist and educator who has lived in Silver Lake since 2002.
Her reports have been heard on National Public Radio for over twenty years. She has taught communications history and audio production at UCLA, USC, and Hunter and Santa Monica colleges.  A former LA Press Club president, she has a JD and an MBA from UCLA, and was the first senior editor at KPCC. At KPCC, she supervised a team of award winning journalists including Frank Stoltze, John Rabe, Adolfo Guzman Lopez and Ilsa Setziol for almost two years. She has also served as a Show Editor at NPR's News and Notes--the network's ground-breaking show on the African-American experience--and the Senior Producer of Bloomberg Politically Speaking. A graduate of Palisades High, she has taught kayaking at UCLA's Marina Aquatic Center for many years. She was one of the founding members of the Edendale Library Friends Society (ELFS) in 2004. She produced several benefits for the group at the Echo and Echoplex. Raymond has also served on the advisory board of the Echo Park Recreation Center. She is the eldest of six siblings, and the daughter of Joseph Raymond, former Associate Director of UCLA Medical Center.
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