Brilliant Comrade
I am Kim Jong-un. also known as, "Brilliant Comrade," or for the two or three Koreans living there in Santa Monica, Yŏngmyŏng-han Tongji, (영명한 동지). 
I am The Supreme Leader of a small country you call North Korea, or The Hermit Kingdom. (Being Supremo Maximo is not bad for a 28-year-old graduate of Kim Il-Sung Univeristy, although I probably would have done better if I'd gone to SMCC, even though it appears you're now trying to charge for classes. Please come to Pyongyang, all of you dissatisfied students--we will give you a free education, and you only have to work for 25 years of hard labor to pay it off, or 20 if you join the Party).  We might know my country as The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I live in Pyongyang, the capitol of the DPRK. One of my favorite things to do, when not threatening the world with total nuclear annhilation, (in order to extract vast payments of blackmail for my poor country from you rich ones), is commenting on the odd activities that take place in our sister city of Santa Monica. We partnered with you when we first heard that your real name is, "The People's Republic of Santa Monica," which of course made our little Communist hearts go pitter patter! We see you as a foothold to our greater goal of making the United States of America, The Democratic People's Republic of America, (DPRA), and philosophically aligned with us. One thing for sure, if that happens you won't have all that trouble with the president and Congress, they won't exist, and I will take care of all of you, with no complaints please! Thanks for being our comrades, your city is a shining example of hope on the dingy imperialist shores of America!
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